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   Chapter 1124 The Meaning Of Happiness (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5880

Updated: 2019-02-15 03:00

"You want to give me this? Are you sure? Is there any limit?" Claire took the card and turned it around. She looked at it thoroughly, feeling that there would not be much money credited to it. Otherwise, how could Leena be so generous?

"Um, this is for you. No limits. You do not have any income right now, right? So, you can use this card if you want to buy something. Don't worry. There is sufficient money in it that you can use for a while." Leena smiled. She was not exaggerating when she mentioned 'sufficient money'. Every card of hers had a minimum amount of millions of dollars. She didn't worry that it would not be enough for Claire, unless she bought large assets, such as a villa in S City.

"But if you give Kevin's card to me, won't he be angry once he gets to know that? I can use this card to buy anything I need, right? Won't he think I'm wasting his money?" Claire hesitated a little. Although she liked buying beautiful clothes, she dared not fritter away her elder brother's hard-earned money. After all, she grew up in the Army Base when she was young. She knew very clearly how hard being a soldier was and how much sweat and blood went into the daily training sessions and missions. How couldn't she be sympathetic to his hardships?

"Don't worry about it. This card is my personal card. Your brother won't know that I give it to you," Leena said, suddenly realizing that Kevin had given all his property to her, although she never used it. Should she also reveal more about her assets to him, keeping her property transparent as well?

"Oh, really? In that case, I am fine with this. Thanks." Since it was Leena's card, Claire didn't think that there would be much money in it. A person who didn't work all day couldn't have a hi

ed to leave home again for a while. Kevin never felt that it was a problem before he got married to Leena. Realizing this once again, he sighed unwittingly.

"Oh, don't worry about that. Leena just went out with her friend. You can try to call her again? She probably shut down her phone because of low battery. But it's probably switched on right now. She just said that she'd text me the passwords of the rooms," Claire said, her hand pausing mid-air. She wondered if she had guessed wrong. Leena's phone was probably turned off while she was charging it. But now she had left. It was impossible that she was still charging her phone.

"Oh. That could be. I will call her again later. I'm hanging up. Bye." Kevin was not a suspicious man, nor was he autocratic. Upon hearing that Leena went out with a friend, he never thought of asking whom Leena went out with. Male or female? He didn't stop to think about it.

"Okay, Kevin. I am going out too. Only call me if there is anything urgent. Goodbye!" Claire was in a hurry to dress up and go out, so she didn't want to spend any more time talking to Kevin. She hung up immediately without waiting for his response.

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