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   Chapter 1123 Gerard Was Here (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7684

Updated: 2019-02-15 03:00

"Yeah, I saw it. But still, you should have told me before you jumped on a plane and flew all the way here! What were you thinking?" Leena was in such a bad mood because of him, so she couldn't control what she said. The words just fell out of her brain and tumbled out of her mouth. To be honest, Gerard wasn't entirely innocent, either. He was highly irresponsible. But he didn't deserve Leena's scolding tone.

"I'm sorry! I thought that you would be very happy to see me, Mignonne. So I wanted to surprise you. But it appears I've upset you, right?" Gerard lowered his eyes in shame. He didn't even expect that Leena would be out of sorts when she saw him. He felt like he wasn't welcome here.

"No, forget it. Just ignore me. I'm in a bad mood." Leena was usually sweet and kind, so the hurt look on Gerard's face stopped her from saying anything more. After all, he was not wrong, because she did invite him to come here and visit her. But she didn't expect that he would take it this seriously. It was an 11-hour plane ride.

"Who's your friend, Leena?" Claire came out again, this time dressed more appropriately. she still felt a bit awkward about what happened before. Fortunately Gerard had seen nothing, and was still trying to sort out what happened. "I'm impressed!" she said.

"This is Gerard. He's a friend of mine. We met in France." Leena smiled and introduced Gerard to Claire, but her smile was bitter. She was still not happy about his visit.

"Oh! Hi! I'm Claire, nice to meet you." Claire introduced herself in English, because she didn't know a single word of French. She hoped that this man could speak English.

"Hello, beautiful lady, I am Gerard. Nice to meet you too." As one of the heirs of Blanc Group, it was almost required to be multi-lingual. So he answered Claire in fluent English.

"Thank you." Claire glanced at Leena, she couldn't help but be envious of her. Because all the men around her were elegant, handsome, and rich. How was she always meeting men like these guys? What was her secret?

"Mignonne, is this your friend?" Gerard asked, looking at Claire with a gentle smile.

"No, she's my sister-in-law." Leena spoke fluent French. And maybe because she'd spent quite a bit of time in France, she had no trace of the usual foreign accent.

e heard she could drive the Ferrari. At this point, she'd probably agree to anything Leena proposed, no matter how outrageous.

"So, Gerard, are you my sister-in-law's classmate?" Claire watched Leena go upstairs and disappear from view, then she turned back to Gerard. He was gorgeous, but there was such a language barrier.

"Sort of." Gerard lost interest once he found out that he was totally wrong about Leena. So Leena was indeed telling him the truth. She was really married. He had to believe it, because Leena's sister-in-law was right here in front of him.

"Oh." The conversation had petered out and gotten a bit awkward. His vague answer was a little off-putting, and it sounded like he really didn't want to talk about it. So she just clammed up. At this point, she really wished Leena would hurry up and get back. This was not going well at all.

Fortunately, it didn't take Leena long to change into better clothes. She came down in a stylish outfit that was designed to turn heads, but might not inspire too many lewd thoughts. Not only that, but she eschewed makeup this time.

Leena handed a card to Claire. It was one she rarely used. Though the money on that card couldn't buy a whole department store's worth of clothing, it should be enough for Claire to use. And she had changed all her cards' password to Kevin's birthday in case she forgot the password. It should be easy enough to remember. "Here you go. It's a platinum card. Get yourself something nice. The password is your brother's birthday."

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