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   Chapter 1122 Gerard Was Here (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6660

Updated: 2019-02-15 01:58

"I thought maybe if I was more like Daisy, then you'd look at me more, you'd see me as desirable and lovable. Was I wrong?" This time, it was Leena's turn to be confused. Was she wasting her time on this? So she was doing it wrong? Then what was she in the end? Just a clumsy imitation of someone else?

"Oh, Nana! I'm so sorry. It is all my fault that you're scewed up. Now, look into my eyes, do you see who I'm looking at? It's not Daisy or some other girl, it's a silly girl named Leena." Kevin gently lifted her chin up and made her look into his eyes. It was his fault that Leena was so unsure about herself. How he wished he had just paid more attention to her and he'd given her more signs that he loved her. Going over this in his head, his heart broke again.

"Really? You wouldn't lie to me, would you?" This was why Leena was so insecure. It was not that she wasn't confident, it was that Daisy was an amazing woman. She couldn't compete with that, and she knew it. And that was why she felt she wasn't good enough to be his wife.

"If I automatically said 'no', would you believe me? So I won't promise that I won't lie. However, I'll always have your best interests in mind. I'll try to take your feelings into account. In fact, you should know that already, silly girl." Kevin embraced her and sighed. He rocked her back and forth, feeling the warmth and letting her soak up the love. Maybe she tried to act mature, but deep inside, she was still one insecure and naive girl.

"Okay, I get it. So, you'll be good to me from now on, right? And no matter how much I mess things up, you'll help me fix them?" Leena blinked, and asked in an innocent tone. Her beautiful guileless eyes made it hard to refuse her.

"Yeah, I'll be good to you. But if you screw up, it's not like there won't be consequences. I can't have you running all over the place thinking that you can do what you want. There are limits. I'll need to punish you." He didn't smile at all, like he meant what

to change her clothes since she woke up. Of course she would be shocked when seeing a foreign man standing outside the door.

"Thank you!" When Gerard came in, he looked around, taking in his surroundings. He was looking for wedding pictures, masculine decor, anything that would indicate that there was a husband around.

"Have a seat! So why are you here? This is a long way from Paris!" Leena started to prepare a cup of coffee for him. Though she didn't expect his visit at all and didn't want to see him here, she still didn't forget that he was the guest here. So she should at least do what a good hostess should do. That was only appropriate.

"If I remember correctly, you told me to come. You pretty much invited me to your house." Gerard said these words to Leena, uncertain as to whether that was the case. His young and handsome face showed that he was a bit hurt. Leena wasn't expecting him? He was hoping she'd be delighted, not flustered.

"Maybe you should have told me first." Leena's worried mindset spilled out onto her face. She was a bit worried about how to explain Gerard to Kevin tonight. She was unsure about how he'd react.

"I e-mailed you. Did you get it?" Gerard looked at her with unassuming eyes. He could tell she was angry, and he was nervous because he couldn't quite figure out why.

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