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   Chapter 1118 A Peaceful, Easy Evening (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6988

Updated: 2019-02-14 04:19

"You wouldn't see me here if Daisy were back," said Edward casually. Leaning comfortably against his car, he wore a charming smile on his face. The man was the essence of chill and coolness.

"Daisy has a lot on her plate lately. The military gave her a lot of work to do. She has been so busy, she probably doesn't have time to think about home and her man. Did you try calling?" Kevin smiled back at him. When he folded his arms comfortably, the muscles on his arms expanded to fill his sleeves, his exquisite chest easily visible underneath his shirt. The man's figure was enough to cast a deadly spell over even the strongest willed woman. No wonder so many were hysterically infatuated with him.

"Not yet. Just go home, Kevin! I'll wait a little while longer." Edward lifted his head, as if by looking in that direction he could see the inside of the army base. To him, it was better to leave Daisy alone when she was working. She wouldn't hang around the base after work, and calling her might mean that he would have to wait longer for her to get done with her work. If he just showed a little patience, it was its own reward.

"Alright. I'm taking off then. Call Mark if you really get antsy. He should be able to remind her when it is time to stop and go home." There was a reason Kevin said that -- Daisy was known to get caught up in her work and forget to stop. She worked hard, sometimes too hard.

"Yeah, I'll do that. By the way, treat Leena nicely." No sooner had Kevin turned to leave than Edward said this. It wasn't by chance, and it wasn't a standard goodbye. Edward hoped that Kevin would just forget about Daisy and his infatuation, and Leena would have his heart. Anyone would feel sorry for Leena if she were unhappy. That was why those words left his lips, and he hoped it would make an impression on the young soldier.

"I will. Bye!" Edward's words had the intended effect. Kevin's body stiffened, and it was a few seconds before he could manage to get any words out at all. Edward didn't have to remind him to treat her well, but in those words was buried

on. She observed her sister-in-law carefully, and it only magnified her suspicions. 'So what happened when she was out? She is really a mess!' Claire said to herself in secret.

Leena took a minute to calm down before she turned on the stove. She was relieved that Claire stopped asking questions, otherwise she would have been found out. She didn't do anything wrong, and there was no reason for her to lie. But what would Claire think if she found out about Leena's blind date? Though she was tricked into it, it didn't make her feel any better. Would her sister-in-law think that she was a tramp who cheated on her brother? She and Claire already had problems, and she didn't want to create any more bad blood between them.

Just as Leena predicted, Kevin got home soon, immediately after she set the table and served the soup. It didn't make her feel any better -- Leena still felt embarrassed looking at Kevin.

"Wow! You sure took your time getting home! Do you know how long we have waited for you?" Claire curled her lips disapprovingly while casting a look at Leena. Kevin arrived home pretty much when Leena said he would. Those two were sure in sync. Kevin was a creature of habit, like most guys, so it was easy for Leena to figure out when he would get home from work. She could predict the exact time he would set foot inside the house. Or did Kevin call before he got home?

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