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   Chapter 1117 Relief (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7820

Updated: 2019-02-14 04:18

It took Kevin an hour to finish reporting the work to the Commander. It was almost time for him to go home, but he still had a lot of work left to do, so he needed to stay behind for a while.

Standing outside Daisy's office, Kevin hesitated for a fraction of a second before he raised his hand to knock on her door. Thinking of the conversation with the Commander, he sighed with profound resignation. The Commander had assigned Kevin to assist with the new mission. For that Kevin would have to leave for a few days once again. In the past, leaving home didn't pose any trouble for him. But now after marrying Leena, he was reluctant to do so. They seldom got time together and it bothered him so much. Kevin didn't want to act in defiance of the Commander's orders, but he was tired of this way of life.

"Come in," Daisy answered the door without raising her head. She sat in her chair, examining the sniper rifle in her hands while meticulously recording the data on paper.

"What are you doing?" Kevin asked as he walked in. Watching Daisy, he once again realized that he didn't have feelings for her anymore. He had left his infatuation far behind.

"Oh! I'm checking for the structure, range, and deadliness of AK-9. Are you done with the meeting with the Commander?" Daisy put the sniper rifle aside and asked Kevin with curiosity. She wasn't into gossip, but she was concerned about Leena. She hadn't seen that girl for so many days and missed her quite a lot.

"Yeah. Did you find anything?" Kevin asked casually as he sat down on the couch. Truthfully, he wasn't very interested in the sniper at the moment.

"Not yet. I'm still studying it. But now you can tell me what happened." Daisy leaned back against her chair comfortably, paying attention to Kevin.

"Nothing. I was in a hurry so I didn't notice you." Kevin forced a smile. Everything had been going well until he stumbled upon Leena talking cheerfully with another guy at the coffee shop. His heart plummeted once again.

"Don't lie to me. I can tell you have something on your mind from the distant look in your eyes. I heard it was Leena. What happened? Did you quarrel with her?" Daisy asked tentatively, even as she realized that couldn't be the case. A mature and sensible man like Kevin wouldn't quarrel with his wife.

"Lee told you? When did he be

sfaction of all. She wouldn't feel so guilty in front of Leena.

When the night fell, Kevin finally walked back to his office from Falcon's. He was covered in dust after his demonstrations to the soldiers.

Kevin picked up the briefcase on the table without tidying himself up and hurried out. It was already past seven p.m. Even if he drove at high speed all the way back home, it would be past eight once he arrived.

Kevin was surprised to see Edward's eye-catching Lamborghini parked at the gate as he drove out. 'Surely he came to pick Daisy up, ' Kevin thought to himself, 'It's late. Hasn't Daisy gone back yet? I thought she went home long ago. If I had known she is still working in her office, I would have dropped in.'

Kevin's car came to a stop. He opened the door and got out. He had to say hello since he had already seen Edward. Edward was one of Leena's brothers, and so he was Kevin's brother, too. He had to show his respect.

Edward had also noticed a car coming his way. Originally he thought it was Daisy's military Hummer since they looked the same. But as the car approached, he was disappointed to find that it wasn't hers. Edward didn't realize it was Kevin's until he stepped out. Despite his dislike for Kevin, Edward got out to greet him too. The alluring, irresistible smile on his face attracted a lot of admiring glances.

"Why are you here, Mr. Mu? Hasn't Daisy gone home yet?" Kevin greeted Edward first. From what he knew of Edward, the latter was arrogant enough not to say hello to others on his own initiative.

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