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   Chapter 1115 Being Jealous (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7955

Updated: 2019-02-14 02:42

"I'm not in a rush. I'm just concerned that the Commander would need the report soon," Lee murmured faintly. Was it his fault that he reminded his Major General? They had been here for too long now.

"Lee, do you think I should go over and say hello before we return to the base?" Kevin sought Lee's suggestion, not being able to stand it anymore when he saw Leena burst into laughter once again.

"Of course, Major General. You should do it now. You should go over there and declare yourself no matter who he is," Lee whispered his agreement and encouraged Kevin. His Major General finally made up his mind to do something about this situation. Lee panicked, knowing that he was about to be entangled in big trouble.

Leena smiled and chatted with Summer. Suddenly, she felt chills on her back, as if a freezing wind had come this way. She could not help but quiver.

"Miss Leng, I am wondering if I can take you out later? It is really nice talking to you. We are the same, don't you think?" Summer felt like he was at a disadvantage, but he was attracted to Leena. She was not pretentious and always said what was on her mind. He wanted to get to know her better.

"Uh! Well…" Leena was in trouble. She did not know how to respond to his invitation. Did he enjoy being insulted? She was not even being kind to him. Why did he still want to be her friend? Whatever she had said was to scare him into not wanting to talk to her anymore. It appeared her plan had failed.

"Nana, tell him. Would you go out with him?" Kevin's mouth curled. He looked at Leena pointedly, his eyes locking on hers. He asked her the question casually, as if the young boy was not with them.

"Kevin. Why... why are you here?" Leena was shocked and stood up immediately at her husband's sudden arrival. In doing so, she hit the table and almost fell down.

"Are you so excited to see me that you are throwing yourself at me?" Kevin grabbed her arm and kept her from falling down. He held Leena close so she would not get hurt. Since he was still in his military uniform, it would not be appropriate for him to behave intimately with her in public. He was a soldier after all.

"N-no. I'm just surprised." Leena's adorable face turned red at his quip. There was nothing between her and Summer, but she had no idea what to do. She was sure Kevin had misunderstood the situation.


ey were going to have a confrontation about this. Kevin was not angry that Leena didn't tell her friend about his existence, but he very much minded that he was apparently not good enough for her. She couldn't even tell others that he was her husband! In all honesty, Kevin was angrier at himself than he was at his wife.

"Let me just explain, Kevin. It's really not what you think," Leena said breathlessly as she caught up to him. She grasped Kevin's hand without thinking twice.

"Did you run here? Look at all these sweats." Kevin frowned. He reached out and wiped the sweat beads off her forehead.

"Yes, I ran because you got so angry and left all of a sudden. You didn't even allow me to explain anything," Leena grumbled as her jaw tightened.

"It's not that I did not allow you to explain. I just need to return to the army base soon, so I left." Kevin took a look at the wristwatch Leena had gifted him. It was late.

"But you were really angry. I was worried about you," Leena complained. She pressed her lips together, looking sad.

"I'm sorry, okay? I was not being myself just now. Let's talk about it later when I get home tonight, all right? I have to head back now." Kevin studied the time again. He was supposed to be at the army base already but got delayed because of Leena's appearance. The door in his heart was already open to her. It was something he did not quite realize about himself. He behaved so abnormally when he saw her with another guy that he was ready to throw aside his work. Kevin hated seeing her smile so brightly with another man.

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