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   Chapter 1108 Claire's Changes (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5598

Updated: 2019-02-13 01:25

"Yeah! I'm gonna explain that to her. However, we should talk about my wife right now." Kevin closed his eyes as the mild sadness attacked him. Getting Leena hurt was the last thing he wanted and many had said that 'Prevention is better than cure.' Thus, It was better for him to learn how to love his wife rather than to repair their relationship once the damage was done.

"Leena and I are doing fine together, okay? You see, we have nothing to talk about, Kevin. We just happen to be two different people who are thinking differently from one another," said Claire strategically as she made their issue appear smaller. It might have taken Claire some time to realize that Leena was the epitome of elegance, calm confidence, and kindness. Only those few people who were good at observing could find these things about Leena. Compared to her sister-in-law, Claire found herself a nobody.

"That's absolutely nonsense. Your perception of Leena is biased. You overlook her good traits and complain about the bad. Then you find her impulsive? Why don't you try to see things from her perspectives? I assure you that you'll like her. I promise." Kevin couldn't bear to see Leena getting tired of handling her sister. He hoped to improve their relationship by solving the problems between the two ladies. He couldn't just take sides as doing so would cause the other harm. He really wanted Leena and Claire to get along with each other as that was the only time when he wouldn't worry about them anymore.

"Brother, don't you see that she's a hypocrite? She's just good at hiding her true self from others. She is just pretending to be lovely and kind. I hate her already." Cl

el nothing for Louisa! Don't take any other senseless action because more than anything, what you're doing is hurting me."

Kevin gazed at her. There was fear in his eyes as he was afraid that his sister might bring him more troubles. He served the army and it was given that military marriages were something unshakable. However, even if he was just a civilian, his taste with women would never change. He would still not like Louisa as her character was too bothersome. She was too mean and jealous! She was the last thing he would like to be entangled with. Only a moron would fall in love with her and he was definitely not one.

"Alright. I'll talk to her calmly if that will make you happy. But brother, how about Louisa? I made a promise that I would help her. Things have changed! I'm sure that she'll be pissed off once I turn against her." Claire might not like Leena much but then her brother's almost begging voice had successfully softened her heart. She was willing to swallow her pride for now and find a way to get along with her sister-in-law. Perhaps the situation wasn't as bad as she thought.

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