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   Chapter 1105 A Heart-to-Heart Talk (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5331

Updated: 2019-02-13 00:15

"I don't understand, Claire. Did I offend you? Why do you hate me so much? I may be a bit quick-tempered but I'm not difficult to get along with." As the saying goes, a harmonious family can lead to the success of everything. Leena thought that she had to get along with her sister-in-law since she already married Kevin. She was now officially a member of his family. She perfectly knew that Claire was against her. Nonetheless, she didn't expect her sarcasm to be so irritating.

"Ugh, why? I don't know why. Actually, I also want to know why. Maybe I just don't like you naturally," sneered Claire. She was the apple of her family's eyes and they humored her even if she seemed unreasonable. It was the reason why she grew up to be so stroppy. However, Leena had been repeatedly frustrating her since she came into their family. How could she have a good opinion of Leena in that case?

"All right. Forget about it. I'll go upstairs," Leena said as she stood up. She had been idle for days, so she had accumulated some piles of work. The first thing for her to do was to check on her mailbox as there might be some urgent emails pending there right now.

"Do as you like. We are so different from each other anyway." Claire waved her hand slowly as if she was just fanning away flies. It was more than clear that she disliked Leena and that she didn't want to stay with her at all.

Although Leena knew that Claire had developed this hobby of throwing sarcasms at her, she still couldn't help but scrunch her eyebrows upon hearing what she just said. A sad smile cracked Leena's lips be

re wide as her brain continued to drift off. 'How can I avoid meeting Gerard? I can ignore his messages before Bella comes but I can't do that after the competition begins. Gerard and Bella are close friends, so they will definitely keep in touch with each other. Gerard must have asked Bella where I live and that's why he is hurrying to come here!

Oh God! This can't be more annoying than anything! Can't anyone tell me how to get out of here so I don't need to meet him this soon? I shouldn't have told Bella my new address in advance. Now Gerard can find me easily!'

"Why are you here alone? Where's Leena?" On the other hand, Kevin asked confusedly upon entering the door. He just came home after seeing Louisa off when he saw his sister sitting alone on the couch.

"I don't really know but maybe she is upstairs. By the way, where's Louisa? Did you send her home?" It was obvious that Claire didn't want to talk about Leena, so she answered differently. On the contrary, it was also evident how interested she was when she mentioned Louisa's name.

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