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   Chapter 1104 Ruthless (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5451

Updated: 2019-02-12 02:58

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand. Needless to say, her delicate makeup was already ruined and smeared. But that didn't matter to her now. The man she wanted to please just abandoned her and left her alone. What else would she care about?

Although Leena's eyes were fixed on the screen of the television, her mind wandered. She wasn't paying attention to what shows were on. She was still thinking about Kevin's strange behavior, seeing Louisa off. She'd be fidgety and wondering until Kevin came back.

Leena knew very well what Louisa was doing with the necklace, and Louisa even tried to rub it in her face. Though she was quite pissed, she pushed her feelings away and hid them inside, pretending as if nothing happened. She made a point of ignoring the delicate necklace on Louisa's neck, because she didn't want to fall into her trap and let Louisa string her along.

"Oh! Leena, you okay? I've been calling your name. Did you hear me?" Claire shouted, rather displeased. If the remote control weren't in Leena's hand, she wouldn't have asked.

"Uh, Claire. You called me? What's up?" Claire's shouting ripped Leena from her reverie. She turned to face her, confusion lining her pretty features.

"What's up?" repeated Claire, feeling strange that she would ask. "You're driving me nuts, that's what's up. What are you even trying to do? You keep changing channels all the time. Can't you just settle on one show? If not, hand me the remote." Claire stared at her. She didn't like watching TV much, and all the good TV shows were online anyway. Still, it was annoying to watch Leena just endlessly flipping

ut Kevin wasn't like that. He was a good and true man, and Leena had seen it this time and again. She trusted her gut.

"Well, I think you're just fooling yourself. Kevin is not yours. No matter what, just wait and see." Claire flashed a smug smile, having no qualms about poking fun at Leena. She'd make fun of anyone, especially Leena.

"Listen, I've given up hope of us being friends. But at least stop throwing Kevin and Louisa in my face. It's annoying. Kevin won't betray me, but it hurts when you talk like that." Leena frowned. She let Claire get away with a lot, but she just kept it going. 'Why can't we just get along?' Leena wondered.

"Hurt or sad, that's your own business. I just don't want you as a sister-in-law," Claire sneered in contempt. She always got the blame for everything after Leena came along. If she didn't get in trouble with her mom and brother so much, Claire might be more accepting. But when she got in trouble, it had something to do with Leena. It was always Leena, Leena, Leena. 'Poor girl, sorry I can't just laugh it off, ' thought Claire.

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