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   Chapter 1101 Got Caught (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5723

Updated: 2019-02-12 01:00

"I don't like sour flavors. You can eat all of them if you like them, Kevin," said Claire grudgingly. To be honest, even Claire found this whole thing weird. She saw the vinegar on the dining table in the morning and believed what Leena had said. If that was so, then who could be making this trouble and causing this farce? She could bet her bottom dollar that it wasn't Kevin as his brother would never do such to any of his family. Now didn't that just isolate Louisa as the suspect? She had every reason to embarrass Leena in front of people. However, Louisa had been with her all the time since she came to the house. It was very unlikely that Louisa did this to set Leena up. Was there anybody else in this house? The thought made Claire shudder. There couldn't be a ghost that was lingering and strolling in the house while they were in the kitchen!

"Stop! Your brother has stomach problems. He will surely have a terrible stomach ache if he eats them all." Leena hadn't forgotten what Lee told her about Kevin's health. Thus, she stood up again and took those awful dishes away even before Kevin could react.

"Louisa, take your time. We have got enough food in the kitchen. Look at you, the sauce has spoiled your clothes," said Kevin. It was then that Kevin looked at Louisa with a wicked grin on his face. Although his sister was self-willed and was more than eager to confront Leena in front of guests, she wouldn't have the nerve to spoil their dinner. It made the perpetrator behind this case so obvious.

"Heh! Louisa, why are you so careless? Your dress is white. White clothes get stained easily and are hard to clean. You know that, right?" Hearing his brother's address to Louisa, Claire a

ything to me?" The atmosphere suddenly turned tensed as soon as they stepped out of the house. Kevin was instantly glowering at Louisa as if he was a cat cornering a rat. It was his choice not to expose this woman's trick back there as she was one of his sister's best friends. Claire would feel hurt and embarrassed if he chose to burst in there. It was the reason why Kevin had to have a private conversation with this unbelievingly wicked woman outside his house.

"Kevin, what are you referring to? I'm getting confused," asked Louisa guiltily. Her face darkened, although she still pretended to be innocent of what Kevin was talking about.

"Louisa, I know you're smart and you know exactly what I mean. To be honest, I'm disappointed at you and I feel sorry for your father. He deserves having a better daughter since he's a man of integrity and honesty." Kevin sighed. He had always been respecting the Commander. In the past years, the Commander was more like a father to Kevin than a leader of military force. Even Daisy felt the same way to the Commander. After all, both of them had won numerous glories under his leadership.

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