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   Chapter 1100 Got Caught (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6644

Updated: 2019-02-12 00:49

"Well, forget it. Let's eat." Kevin switched dishes and put the Kung Pao Chicken in front of him. It was his silent way to save Leena from eating a strangely sour dish.

"What the hell? Leena, what have you done? All these dishes taste sour and strange!" shouted Claire after spitting out her food. She glowered at Leena disapprovingly.

"Er? How can it be? Let me have a taste of them," said Leena in surprise. She put some food in her mouth, chewed it, and then just like what Claire did, spat it out. She raised her head confusedly and was at loss of what to do.

"You can't even swallow it, can you? It's reasonable to blame you this time." Claire felt elated as she could finally point out Leena's fault to her brother.

"It's weird. How could this happen? I didn't add mature vinegar to any of those dishes, as far as I can remember." It was then that Leena turned her attention to the other dishes. She was suddenly curious if all the other dishes had the same sour flavor.

"You should ask yourself. Are you playing tricks on us?" questioned Claire relentlessly. She dropped her chopsticks on the table and decided not to torture herself by eating this awful food. She had only tasted two dishes but both of them were awful to eat. How could Leena deliberately mess their dinner this way in front of her husband, sister-in-law, and guest? Did she do this on purpose?

"Claire, watch your mouth! You're in no position to judge my wife!" Kevin's palm hit the table and made everything on it shake. He had been holding on his patience for so long and decided that he had enough. "Apologize to her," demanded Kevin sternly between gritted teeth. He didn't believe that Leena deliberately cooked some awful food. Leena was too kind-hearted and reasonable to do that!

"How could those dishes taste sour? I didn't use mature vinegar at all. I don't even know what's wrong?" Leena looked at Kevin anxiously. She could have admitted the error if not all of the foods were messe

u were charged with something you didn't do," Claire fumed before laughing ironically. "We aren't that different, right?" She even added. It was clear to her that his brother had been suspecting her of planning everything negative against Leena. It was natural since she and Leena never really got along with each other the whole time. She might be considered as a mean person who went as far as getting Leena embarrassed before their guest. However, as ill-mannered and self-centered as she was, she would never spoil their dinner and waste food.

"Forget it, Kevin. I might have been confused in the kitchen. It was surely my fault. There's no need to blame others now, okay? Now let's remove those awful dishes from the table and eat others. Anyway, I'm just going to throw those dishes away." Leena stood up immediately after she said those words. It was a pity that she had been busy cooking those dishes for the family and for the guest. She was already holding one of the plates when a warm hand suddenly stopped her.

"Don't do that, darling. They're sour but not that bad. I'll eat them." Kevin gestured her to sit down. He intended to find out who committed this mischief as there was no way he would let this pass. It was fine for people to make jokes but to do something dirty to their food was unforgivable.

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