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   Chapter 1099 Got Caught (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5966

Updated: 2019-02-12 00:26

"Haha! Louisa, do you dress up this way to seduce my brother?" Claire started to tease Louisa upon seeing the odd expression on Louisa's face. However, she missed noticing how Kevin frowned in disapproval after he heard her remarks.

"No, I don't. Stop making fun of me," said Louisa with a shy smile. She even bowed her head in an awkward attempt to evade Claire's eyes. It was pathetic since everybody in the house perfectly knew that she wore those expensive and eye-catching clothes to please Kevin.

"Don't be shy, Louisa. Just admit it. A girl will doll up for her lover. My brother isn't here anyway, so don't keep your secrets from me," said Claire as she giggled. She found it fun to tease Louisa this way and she surely had the time of her life doing it. They were still busy with their little chit-chat when a baritone voice suddenly broke through the air.

"Are you looking for me?" It was Kevin and he shot Louisa with an uninterested look, then followed it with a short mocking laugh. His face expression was dark as he walked to the girls who were exchanging friendly banters. He shook his head and then glanced across the room. It was evident that the man was not in his best mood.

"Shoot! Were you planning to scare us to death! Why are you even sneaking in without making any sound? You're being rude! Do you know that?" yelled Claire, who just regained her composure after stepping back in shock. If there was something in common between Kevin and Leena, that would be the fact that both of them could be scary and annoying sometimes. Claire could just feel her life getting shorter every day because of the two.

"Why should you be scared if you have done nothing wrong?" Kevin answered back before quickly brushing past them. He didn't intend to complicate

saw the unexpected frowns and displeasure on their faces.

"Stop disgusting us. Have you realized that you two aren't alone in this room?" It was Claire who wasn't able to help herself from talking. She pursed her lips in distaste. She picked a piece of grilled pork chop and put it in her bowl. The food tasted strange but was still tolerable. She thought that Leena's cooking skills weren't as good as she thought. She probably just needed time to get accustomed to the foods Leena cooked.

"Stop it, Claire. Keep your mouth shut and eat." Kevin shot an angry glance at Claire before he curiously turned to Leena. Did she intentionally add too much vinegar into the Kung Pao Chicken? Why? Was this his wife's silent way of showing how pissed off she was with Louisa and Claire? He was torn between wanting to laugh and wanting to ask, but then chose to keep himself silent. He would not bring such a topic before the two ladies with them, as that would surely complicate things and embarrass his wife.

"Why are you staring at me?" Leena touched her face unconsciously. She was puzzled and thought that she had something smeared on her since she was cooking in the kitchen earlier.

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