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   Chapter 1098 Sneaking Into Leena's Bedroom (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6337

Updated: 2019-02-12 00:16

"My God. I was so scared!" They ran downstairs. Claire kept patting her chest, sighing in relief. Her heart was pounding hard but she pretended to be calm.

"Are you kidding? What was there to be scared of? We just went in and had a look. We didn't do anything bad!" Louisa's lips curled, displaying her indifference to Claire's panic. She too had been very nervous, but she would never reveal such a thing to Claire. After all, she was the daughter of Kevin's superior. How could she be afraid of Kevin?

"That's true, but didn't you notice how terrifying my brother was? Fortunately, I was fast enough to come up with an explanation. Otherwise, we would still be inside, being scolded by him at this moment!" Claire picked up the cup on the coffee table and took a gulp of water, trying to calm herself. Louisa did not know about Kevin's temper. It was easy for her to have such an idea, but Claire was very familiar with her brother's temper. How could it be possible for her to be calm and collected under his gaze?

"We didn't get caught. I don't think there's anything to be worried about now." Louisa pretended to be unconcerned and composed. But like Claire, she picked up the cup too and swallowed the cold water, allaying her fears.

"What's up? You both seem to be in a state of shock. What happened?" Leena came out of the kitchen and asked curiously when she saw their nervous faces. She had been cooking in the kitchen and hadn't noticed where they had gone to. As long as they didn't spend their time finding faults in her, Leena didn't care much about where they went and what they did.

"Huh? Oh my god. You scare me! Why didn't you make any sound when you showed up?" Claire said, rolling her eyes. Her tone held no respect for Leena. She felt that her fright which had been pressed down just now came out and took her breath again.

"I did make sound. You must have been

an before. Her figure was fine compared to most people. However, as opposed to Leena's slim waist, Louisa's own was a little plump. The first thing she had noticed when she entered the doors of this house was Leena's petite figure. That was the very first moment she felt intense jealousy and even a sense of hatred.

"That's true. But a certain part of your body is even plumper!" Claire exclaimed loudly, glancing at Louisa's chest. Her breasts almost popped out of her low-cut and tight top.

"Stop that, you wicked girl! When did you get so bad?" Louisa said in a delicate voice and covered up her chest with her hands. Her face flushed with embarrassment. The shy look she displayed was very realistic.

"Hmm. Are you wearing this dress just to let people see you? And it is particular for someone. Am I right?" Claire said happily, joking around with Louisa about her intentions to lure Kevin. She didn't notice her brother's slowly descending figure.

"What are you talking about? Don't make fun of me. You think too much. I am not that kind of girl! I have some self-esteem!" Louisa's face turned even redder. Claire was absolutely correct. Luring Kevin had truly been Louisa's intention. She was embarrassed that Claire saw through her so easily.

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