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   Chapter 1097 Sneaking Into Leena's Bedroom (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6179

Updated: 2019-02-11 01:23

"I know. I know. Why are you so afraid of her?" Louisa bit her lip. She was so envious that she couldn't control her expressions. According to Louisa, only she was fit to live in such an opulent house. How she wished to attach her name to every corner of this house!

"I am not afraid of her! It's just bad to sneak into a room without the owner's permission." Claire's eyebrows scrunched together. A hint of embarrassment rose in her heart. Last time at Capital City, she had entered Leena's room without her consent. But back then, she had known that Leena was already inside. The situation was entirely different this time. Claire felt like that she was a thief.

"What do you mean, Claire? You think I'm doing something wrong? If you think so, let's get out of here, in case you put the blame on me once you get scolded by them," Louisa said. Her face became stern immediately. She just didn't know why Claire was so hesitant about this.

"Louisa, don't get angry! I did not mean that. I would never blame you!" Upon seeing Louisa's unhappy face, Claire reached out and patted Louisa's hands gently.

"I'm not angry with you. We have been friends for so many years, so I know you wouldn't do that." Louisa was deeply upset, but she had the sound mind not to choose such a moment to fall out with Claire. After all, she had not achieved her real purpose yet and still needed Claire's help.

"Thanks, Louisa. I know we are best friends. Besides, we are not here to quarrel with each other. Let's see what we can find in this room. Maybe we can start from her wardrobe. Let me see what kind of clothes she has." Claire had been shocked by the extraordinary dresses Leena wore the past two days, so she was first and foremost interested in Leena's wardrobe. Claire stepped forward and opened it, then promptly froze.

"I want to see it too."

ch attention to Leena's clothes or ever asked her their cost, but based on his understanding of her, he knew her clothes were branded and very expensive.

"Oh, yes. I see. Uh, we should go downstairs." Claire stuck out her tongue behind his back. Fortunately, Kevin was in good mood today and did not scold her too much. She had better run away before he changed his mind.

"Yes. Go downstairs and help Leena for a while. You have grown up now. Why are you still so immature?" Kevin frowned and picked up the briefcase he just put down. Due to the week-long vacation, he had a lot of pending work to do. A lot of documents needed to be reviewed. Although he spent all his time working on them today, he could not finish them all. So he brought the documents home. Fortunately, these were not confidential documents so he could bring them home with him. He did not need to stay at the army base all evening to work on them.

As soon as Claire and Louisa got Kevin's approval, they rushed out of the room. They didn't want him to change his mind at the last second. He was so serious in his manner and his voice that few people could stand fearlessly before him. Louisa and Claire did not want to experience such pressure again.

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