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   Chapter 1096 Sneaking Into Leena's Bedroom (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6317

Updated: 2019-02-11 01:23

"What? What kind of brother? He must be just a friend of hers. Didn't you notice? This man's last name is Mu, while Leena's family name is Leng. They are very different." Claire frowned. Even if it looked like Leena had a close relationship with the two presidents of FX International, it did not mean that Leena was a daughter of a rich family! Claire did not believe that such an ordinary girl like Leena could have any real intimacy with these people who clearly belonged to the upper class.

"Claire, I just wonder if there is a possibility that Leena took her mother's last name. That's why she doesn't have the same family name as her brother. Don't you think so?" Louisa's eyebrows furrowed in thought. There were some uncertainties in her words. If Leena really belonged to a rich family, then her advantage on Leena would disappear.

"How is that possible? Louisa, if that is the case, do you think that a cultivated girl from the super wealthy family could do the housework so well? Most young people can't do housework that well, even when they are from ordinary families! Not to mention those from the rich families. I can only guess that the relationship between Leena and these men is some kind of casual acquaintance. Maybe they know each other by accident. She seems so close to them because she is very good at luring men. She's probably great at flirting and charming them. That must be it," Claire said scornfully, her words insulting. She did not feel that her remarks carried any personal affronts to Leena's character.

"When you put it like that, I see that must be it. Otherwise, how could she have seduced your brother in such a short time? They got married without telling anyone. As far as I am concerned, she must have married Kevin because of his title. It is hard to find a young and handsome Major General like Kevin," Louisa commented, managing to convinc

ing to have Claire in the palm of her hands.

"No, I haven't. But that is a good idea! Louisa, let's go check it out. I haven't been inside her bedroom anyway." Unlike Louisa, Claire did not have any interest in Kevin and Leena's bedroom before. But now after listening to Louisa, Claire felt it made sense to check it out to find some clues on Leena.

The two sneaked into Leena's bedroom quietly. Louisa had deliberately entered it last time but didn't get the chance to take a closer look at it before being forced out by Kevin immediately. Since Leena was cooking downstairs, they could walk in. And they had sufficient time to look around this time. To her surprise, the room was beautifully decorated and the walls were painted in romantic colors. The bedroom was warm and cozy because of the elaborate interiors. It was not difficult to tell that Leena had an elegant taste.

"Wow! What a beautiful room! It's totally different from the outside. Look at this snow-white carpet! There's not the slightest stain on it. Louisa, we must take off our shoes. If we get the floor dirty, people will know that we have sneaked in." Claire didn't expect the bedroom to be so luxurious. She could tell from a glance that the decorations cost a lot of money.

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