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   Chapter 1093 Astonishment (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5377

Updated: 2019-02-11 01:01

"Really, really! I don't need to lie to you, okay?" Claire told Leena in an annoyed tone. Her jaw tightened. The more Leena wanted to make her give up the idea of getting to know Rain, the more she wanted to do the opposite. Claire didn't believe that she couldn't handle a man like him.

Leena was still a bit worried. She didn't believe that Claire took her words seriously. Claire was only saying this to make her shut up. However, Leena couldn't say anything more, now that Claire had already denied her suspicions.

When Louisa arrived at the Grand Apartment, it was still pretty early. Her dress was striking and she looked sexy. It was very obvious that she had put in a lot of effort in her appearance, to attract Kevin. But much to her disappointment, he wasn't home yet.

"Bring us two cups of coffee!" Claire said to Leena as she welcomed Louisa into the living room. She treated Leena like she was a servant.

"Wait a moment." Leena dragged the vacuum cleaner she had been using to the corner. Now that there was a guest in the house, she couldn't continue cleaning anymore. Besides, it was almost time for dinner. She needed to go to the kitchen and start cooking.

"Louisa, you look really pretty today," Claire complimented her. She was being honest. After all, Louisa must have spent a lot of time getting dressed, so how could she not look beautiful? Even if Louisa was ugly, she looked nice enough when she put so much effort into getting ready.

"Thank you! You look really nice too," Louisa said faintly, not actually meaning her words. Claire looked the same as she did this mor

dashed to the kitchen, fearing that she wouldn't be able to control her anger and start an argument with them.

Claire didn't want to let it go so easily, even though Leena didn't talk back. While Leena prepared dinner, Claire constantly disturbed her, asking her to bring something or the other to them. Her actions ticked off Leena even more. She couldn't stand it anymore.

"Claire, don't you have your own hands? If you want something, then move and get it yourself, instead of asking me to do it for you! You should know that I'm busy preparing dinner for all of us!" Leena couldn't refrain herself from shouting when Claire asked her to bring napkins for her again. Claire could do these menial tasks on her own, but instead she pestered Leena to do it, who Claire knew was busy in the kitchen. Even a saint would be driven crazy in this situation, and Leena was no saint.

"Leena, this is your apartment. How would I know where everything is? Of course, I would ask you for help." Claire wasn't ashamed of her actions. She made a lame excuse and argued back.

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