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   Chapter 1092 I Still Have A Chance (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6285

Updated: 2019-02-11 00:26

"Leena, please don't be so ungrateful. I have said nothing but the truth. Am I wrong?" said Rain. He shrugged his shoulders and leaned against the back of his chair leisurely. He seemed to like toying with Claire despite the fact that he wanted to get justice for Leena.

"Yes, you're terribly wrong. So, I suggest that you should eat like a horse and keep your mouth shut." She pretended to be mad at Rain. She then winked an eye at the man to gesture that he shouldn't be too harsh to Kevin's sister.

"As you wish, my princess." Rain shook his head in disbelief. He wondered why Leena attempted to save the face of her torturer. However, if Leena didn't intend to take revenge, Rain wouldn't act again as she wished. The last thing he wanted to do was put Leena in an awkward position.

However, Claire either misunderstood Leena or was just simply ungrateful. She thought that Leena was showing off her close relationship with this handsome gentleman. It made her hate Leena more as she stopped herself from yelling at her sister-in-law.

They weren't arguing anymore when they started eating. It could be because of the delicious Korean food or because they had silently made an agreement not to fight with each other anymore. However, Claire just detested how Rain seemed to be extremely nice to Leena. As far as she was concerned, Rain's fondness for Leena was abnormal. She was getting more and more suspicious of their relationship. Meanwhile, she was afraid that she might be getting them wrong too. How could Leena cheat on Kevin right before her sister-in-law, right?

They quickly paid their bill after their lunch and came out of the Korean Flavors Restaurant. Since Rain had an appointment in the coming hours, he had to go and left Leena and Claire behind. It was after they saw Rain's car moving away from them that Leena and Claire started walking back to th

t joking at all, as she was actually calculating how to get closer to Rain.

"Well, I hope you're telling the truth. Otherwise, you may scare me to death." Claire's remarks helped to relieve Leena's anxieties. It would be both unbelievable and unimaginable if her sister-in-law pursued her best friend. Moreover, Claire's impulsive actions might complicate everything.

"Of course I'm telling the truth. Rain's too awful to be a future husband, isn't he?" Claire lied. She shot an angry glance at Leena and decided that she must hide her true thoughts about Rain from the woman. It wouldn't be nice if Leena tried to ruin her plans. As long as Rain stayed unmarried, he would be good enough to be her husband.

"Claire, please don't lie to me. This isn't a joke. The consequences may be too severe for you to bear. Do you understand?" said Leena sternly. The way her sister-in-law looked back at her had blown her anxiety even bigger. She knew Rain's capability in charming girls. Women would flock around him foolishly and passionately like moths to fire despite the fact that Rain had tried to avoid courting any of those women. It was clear to Leena how much she needed to be precautious to save Claire from making a bigger fool out of herself.

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