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   Chapter 1090 I Still Have A Chance (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6174

Updated: 2019-02-10 01:06

"Don't get smart. Since when have my family done you wrong? Quit looking so pathetic and miserable." Claire was getting irritated by Rain's questions and felt that Leena was the one behind all of it. How could she toy with her and make Rain misunderstand her?

"Don't be ridiculous, Claire. I have told you that it's a slip of the tongue." Claire's argument left Leena deeply depressed. She wondered since when had Claire developed the habit of twisting other people' words.

"Haven't you told me this? You can't just say anything as you like, can you?" retorted Claire as she raised a quizzical eyebrow to her sister-in-law. She was blessed with wealth and privileges in the Capital City. However, it wasn't the case now that she was here in S City. Even Leena whom she could easily push around before was now striking back at her. It was unacceptable!

"Alright, it's my fault," said Leena helplessly as she shook her head in despair. She couldn't believe how difficult it was to change Claire's perception.

"I'm damn right about that. There's no escaping the fact that it's all your fault," whispered Claire. She pursed her lips with distaste. It was then when her mobile phone rang and she picked it up. It was Louisa calling her. She rolled her eyes and decided to just watch her phone screen as she was still mad at Louisa.

"Aren't you going to answer your phone?" Leena asked out of curiosity as she got no clue as to why she wouldn't pick up her mobile phone.

Nonetheless, her concern earned a displeased glare from Claire as if to say that it was none of her business. It was then that Claire bit her lips and decided to talk over the phone.

"Hello! Claire, where are you right now? Can we grab lunch together?" Louisa's voice came in haste as soon as she pressed the answer button. She was afraid that Claire might hang up

Louisa even if their friendship wasn't perfect. Turning Louisa down ruthlessly and refusing to forgive her made Claire feel guilty.

"Alright, I wish you a good day," said Louisa reluctantly. The disappointment on her voice was so clear that it could be tasted in the air.

"Wait a minute. Maybe I can talk with Leena, and ask for her permission," said Claire suddenly. Hearing Louisa's disappointed voice softened Claire's heart. She didn't intend to hurt her friend's ego. She chose to just forget about her mischief and revenge immediately.

"Why would you have to ask for her permission? Can't you invite your friend to your brother's house as a guest? As far as I'm concerned, Kevin's the owner of that house. Since when have you cared about Leena's opinions?" asked Louisa furiously. Louisa never took Leena seriously as she was only concerned about Kevin and nothing else.

"But my brother warned me that he would surely send me home if I make troubles again," said Claire. Her embarrassment was so clear in her voice as she admitted how inferior she was inside Kevin's house. Claire respected her brother and had to heed Kevin's warning. Otherwise, she wouldn't even pay attention to what Leena thought or felt.

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