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   Chapter 1089 Knowing More About Leena (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8667

Updated: 2019-02-10 00:44

"What's the matter, kiddo? Since when did you become so timid? This is not like you at all. It's just lunch. Why do you have to ask for permission? Just get divorced and come home if this is how your life is with him! We'll take care of you. Who said that we wanted you to get married in the first place?" Rain was worried about Leena's sudden changes. She used to be decisive and brisk. He didn't like how overly cautious their princess had become.

"Rain, do you want me to die alone?" Leena rolled her eyes at him. She knew that he had said that out of love. People who didn't know him might think that he was simply breaking her marriage, though.

"What? Die alone? That's insane! You are beautiful and intelligent. You are our little princess. Whoever thinks you would die alone is out of his stupid mind. We just think that you deserve better." Rain retorted as soon as he heard Leena's words, as if he was afraid they would come true.

"I don't care about better. Whoever I like is the best." However, Leena disregarded his worry with a bitter smile. Kevin might not love her now but she knew that he would someday.

"Good. Be willful. As my sister, that's the spirit you need." Rain felt sad for her and took her into his arms. Leena was never arrogant or rude although she was a spoiled girl. Someone like her definitely deserved a better life.

"How come it sounds like disapproval rather than approval?" Leena broke off from his embrace gently and then turned to Claire. She waved at the girl to come over.

"Tell me honestly, is there something wrong with your sister-in-law? She looks like a clown. Her makeup is way too weird." Rain had been around women for the longest time and it made him an expert at spotting makeup. Claire's makeup was simply the worst he had seen so far.

"Don't say that in her face. Maybe the trend confuses her. She thinks this kind of makeup is in fashion, but she doesn't know that it doesn't suit her," Leena whispered in Rain's ear to make sure that the approaching Claire wouldn't hear her.

"Huh! Considering her skin, don't you think that lighter makeup will make her look less like she ate crayons for breakfast?" Unfortunately, Rain didn't give a damn if Claire would hear him or not. He even gave another hearty laugh after what he said.

"Are you talking about me behind my back?" It was then that Claire arrived and looked at the two suspiciously. She had noticed them talking and laughing while staring at her earlier. There was no doubt that they were talking about her.

"No! Of course, we are not. Rain wants to invite us

sed her off to see how he looked at Leena like she was the only thing in the world. Rain went towards his red Maybach and Claire kept her eyes on him until he got in the car.

"Leena Leng, what kind of person is Rain?" She couldn't help being amazed as everyone surrounding Leena seemed to be crazy rich. As far as she knew, Rain was driving a prestige car.

"Oh, he is the vice president of FX International Group. Didn't you know that?" Leena was surprised to hear Claire's question since Kevin had told her that she'd been surfing about the FX International Group. How could she possibly not know about Rain? The man was a public figure whose face was all over the news.

"Er... It's him. No wonder he seems familiar. I saw his pictures on the Internet last night." Claire's eyes lit up as she had thought that someone like Rain was unapproachable. She couldn't believe how close he was right now and how she even socialized with him. Goodness! She even had a fight with him just moments ago.

"Actually, he is quite easy-going. Don't take the argument seriously. He just cares about me too much and can't stand seeing me being pushed around." It was too late when Leena realized that she had said something wrong. Her mouth had already spat her thoughts unconsciously.

"Leena Leng, what do you mean? Do you mean that I pushed you around?" Claire had heard her clearly and taken everything she had said to heart.

"That's not what I mean. You see, everything that concerns me draws his attention. That's why he had that conflict with you." Leena ended up explaining in a rush. Nonetheless, Claire already made up her mind and her words just made the situation worse! Oh, how frustrating it was to explain herself.

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