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   Chapter 1088 Knowing More About Leena (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6419

Updated: 2019-02-10 00:45

"Oh, I see. Hi there, beautiful. I am Rain Xia." Rain introduced himself frivolously as he turned his gaze to Claire. He had always been known to have the highest beauty standard and the keenest eyes among his lads. He was so good at judging beauties that the corner of his mouth automatically twitched as soon as he set his eyes on Claire. Goodness! Nobody warned him that he would be seeing a talking rainbow. Her makeup was too colorful and bright that she was literally hard to look at. Moreover, the way she was absent-mindedly looking at his face made him feel that she wanted to eat him. He couldn't understand how an arrogant man as Kevin had an immature sister who couldn't even take her eyes off a handsome man.

"Hi there. How did you know Leena Leng? What's the relationship between you two? I can see that you two are so close that you guys don't even mind hugging in public." Claire didn't even hesitate to call Leena by her full name now that her parents weren't around. To her, Leena's bright smile was like a piece of stone under her shoes, making her very uncomfortable. She couldn't wait to crush it.

"Huh! Beautiful, don't you think that what you said sounds a little rude?" Rain laughed so hard that the people around them started to cast curious gazes at them.

"Leena Leng, who is this guy? Does my brother know that you are such a loose woman?" Claire asked even more loudly as she masked her jealousy with her fake sisterly-concern. How could she even care for Kevin when all she could think of was how adoring Rain was when he looked at Leena? Never had a handsome man like him looked at her that way. That was unfair!

"Claire, right? First of all, Leena is your sister-in-law. Do you think it is appropriate for you to talk to her in such a tone? Second, our relationship has always been honorable. Leena is like a sister to me. There's nothing going on between us. Feel free to ask your d

m so easily? I am not fragile." Leena smiled. She was grateful even if she was a spoiled girl. She wouldn't just stand there and watch Rain do all the work. Thus, she took two lighter bags. She knew that Rain wouldn't let her grab the heavier ones.

Leena and Rain started to move towards the car. And again, Claire felt angry and ignored as she watched the two. 'How dare they treat me as if I were invisible?' she thought. She couldn't just stand there stupidly as no one was even talking to her. She had no choice but to follow them into the car silently. She was new in the city and she had no plan of being stranded at a supermarket.

Leena unlocked the car doors while walking towards the car. It was lucky for her to come across Rain. Otherwise, she would have to go around between the parking lot and the supermarket twice just to carry her things.

"Thank you, Rain!" Leena said as soon as everything was in the trunk.

"Don't mention it, kiddo. It makes me feel like an outsider. It's lunchtime. How about having lunch with me?" Rain suggested as he looked at his watch.

"Well, let me check with Claire first. She might not want to go." It was only then that Leena checked back on Claire. She hadn't paid much attention to her while she was carrying the bags.

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