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   Chapter 1087 Running Into Rain (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5665

Updated: 2019-02-10 00:28

"You can take only one trip and carry all of them at once if you want to save yourself the trouble. It's all up to you." Claire smiled gloatingly. 'Trying to trick me, huh? I can make sure that retribution will come soon enough.' Claire thought to herself.

"Don't you see that there are so many of them. I can't take them all unless I'm a superwoman." Leena grew worried and anxious. She never thought of Claire to be as vengeful as this. She admitted that she herself also liked to settle scores but it was obvious that Claire was keener about it.

"I'm sorry, but this doesn't concern me since it is not my fault." Claire continued with her excuses. She was now taking pleasure in Leena's trouble and would not stop getting Leena off her high horse.

"Leena? How come you are here? I heard that you had gone to the capital city." Just then, a deep male voice suddenly came from behind them. Leena turned and caught sight of a tall and handsome figure. She recognized him immediately. It was Rain.

"Rain! So you have come back!" Leena exclaimed. She couldn't help but put all the bags aside the moment she saw him. She hurriedly dashed to him and flung herself into his arms excitedly.

"Yes, I came back a few days ago. I meant to invite you for dinner upon arrival but they said that you had gone to the capital city with Kevin. So I thought I had better not disturb you. I wasn't expecting to see you here. What a surprise!" Rain said with a wicked smile. It could have been an emotional moment but then Rain was a natural rascal thus, he couldn't help but act as one. It might have been a long time since the last time they met but Rain's flamboyant manner didn't even change a bit.

t Claire saw a man who could turn wickedness into a charm. She was so captivated by him that his handsome face was the only thing she could see that moment. It took her a while to recover from her trance and Alas! Guess what she realized as soon as her wits were back? The two were literally hugging each other right before her face! It could have been okay if one of them wasn't her brother's wife! Was it even appropriate for Leena to talk intimately with another man right before her sister-in-law?

"Who is she, Leena?" Rain asked as he shot Claire a meaningful look. He wasn't really aware that there was a third person present at that time. He looked in Claire's direction and found a strange girl standing there, stone-faced. It made him look back to Leena and raise one of his eyebrows questioningly.

"Oh! She's my sister-in-law, and her name is Claire Gu, just call her Claire." Leena had also forgotten about Claire's existence until she spoke. She hastened to introduce her but there was no guilt or embarrassment shown on her face. Clearly, she found nothing wrong with how she and Rain were treating each other.

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