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   Chapter 1086 Running Into Rain (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5710

Updated: 2019-02-10 00:29

It was Leena's laughter that woke up Claire from spacing out. "You are so funny, Claire. You really are overthinking it. I am nothing special. Who do you think I am? A secret agent or a spy?" Leena found Claire's serious face incredibly amusing. After all, Claire would usually show her contempt when talking to her. She had never imagined this woman to wear such a solemn expression as now.

"Stop laughing at me. Just tell me what is your relationship to that Mr. Mu?" urged Claire. She took the chance to bring the topic up again as her curiosity was already eating her up.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Leena asked with a frown. She was weighing the pros and cons of telling Claire what she wanted to know when an idea popped into her mind. It might be a good opportunity to make requests, she thought.

"Of course! Otherwise, why should I bother to keep asking you? I'm not a gossipy old woman, and I only want to know more about that famous company." Claire tried to make an excuse for herself. She rolled her eyes and pursed her lips to her sister-in-law.

"It wouldn't hurt to tell you but there are some conditions. What do you say?" Leena turned to check on Claire's expression. She was curious about how the lady would react to what she just said.

"Conditions? I beg your pardon, Leena? Are you trying to take advantage of me? Dream on! Don't swagger just because I have shown some patience. I won't fall into any of your traps!" Claire snapped with a grim expression. She did want to know about Leena's secrets, but it didn't mean that she would bend to meet any of her demands. Who did Leena think she was? Claire thought. She surely would not lose her so-called dignity over this matt

many things if Claire hadn't agreed to help her. Now it was easy for Claire to break her promise but it was not easy for her to cope with all the goods. Leena just couldn't understand why Claire had to act like a kid when she was no longer one. It was just too childish for her to get into a tantrum like that.

"It's none of my business! But if you are clever enough, you can carry them to the car in two lots. Of course, as a kind person, I can keep a watch on the rest of them while you are away. Isn't it a good idea?" Claire said pompously while crossing her arms over her chest and looking at Leena like a boss. The fact that Leena was her sister-in-law didn't make Claire pay more attention to courtesies. As she saw it, she was older than Leena. Who said that Leena could be the boss here?

"What? You mean I have to take two trips from here to the car while you just stand by and do nothing?" Leena drew a long face after hearing what Claire said. She got overwhelmed by frustration when she discovered that Claire opted not to help her rather than merely vent her rage with harsh words. She honestly didn't see that coming.

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