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   Chapter 1085 Running Into Rain (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5501

Updated: 2019-02-10 00:26

"Take your time. I'm in no hurry anyway. Make sure to dress yourself up. You see, I don't want to be seen going out with a village girl!" Claire called after her as she tried to put her down with her words. She doubted it that Leena could again strike her as a good stylist later.

However, Leena was taken aback by what Claire said this time. She slipped and nearly fell to the ground at her words. It was just that the phrase "a village girl" had reminded her of Justin. This imp once made fun of her using the same kind of expression. It seemed that it was impossible for her to get rid of the tag and she still couldn't take it well.

The weather was comfortable in this city since winter just began. The amiable sunshine had added to the warmth and everything was just beautiful. It was the reason why Leena picked some light clothing. She wore a pair of well-cut shorts and matched it with a holey cardigan sweater which was simple but looked unique and fashionable. She wore a vest inside to complete her trendy ensemble. In the end, Claire was rendered speechless as she never expected for Leena to come out as a lovely and fashionable woman.

"Honestly, Leena, you never cease to surprise me these two days! " Claire cried out. Although Leena had amazed Claire once last night by turning into a fashionable woman, Claire was still impressed by her choice of outfit today. It was then that her view of Leena's fashion truly changed.

"Why?" Leena puzzledly asked while bending down to put on her ankle boots, getting ready to go out.

"I thought I have seen through you but now I feel like you still have a lot up in your sleeve." C

what you have seen and will see, and no matter what those things tell you about me, there's only one thing's for sure, they can't tell my whole story and they won't change who I am." Leena smiled solemnly. In all honesty, Claire's shift of attitude towards her didn't make her happy, rather it frustrated her. Claire might have really changed her opinion about her but Leena knew that it was not because Claire had seen her true self. Her sister-in-law never liked her for who she was, but rather, looked at the material possessions that she had. That made Claire's approval both pointless and worthless.

"Wow, now you are making yourself even more mysterious. Tell me more about you!" Things about Leena flashed back in Claire's mind as she thought them over. Leena would buy those expensive designer clothes without batting an eye. She was a friend of a wealthy and powerful CEO. Moreover, she seemed to own a lot of luxury cars. Who could she be? Could everything be more confusing than it was? Never before had Claire thought about this question and now she couldn't take her mind off it.

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