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   Chapter 1084 Running Into Rain (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5920

Updated: 2019-02-10 00:16

"This is crazy! Don't tell me that he is your old flame! No, no, it's impossible. It is true that he is a womanizer but I don't think that a man as eligible as him would ever set eyes on a woman like you." Claire muttered with contempt as she crossed her arms over her chest. She then gently stroked her chin while mentally sizing Leena up, looking thoughtful.

"Sorry Claire, but please watch your tongue about this." Different from her calm demeanor, Leena replied with displeasure as she took the food out of their microwave. She might be able to laugh it off if Claire only taunted her, but how she said it just now was a pure insult. That attack was way under the belt and even too personal.

"I won't keep making wild guesses if you don't make a mystery of it. You can save yourself the trouble by simply telling me the truth," Claire said annoyedly and then pouted. She found Leena's reaction a bit surprising as she seldom uttered harsh words. The reaction she begot from Leena made her think that she did something wrong though she was just curious about it.

"Forget it. Let's have breakfast," Leena finally said after taking a deep breath secretly to calm herself. She too had realized that she was acting emotionally just now. But any ordinary person could lose his or her temper if offended constantly and unreasonably by others.

"So you are pissed off? But I thought that you have a good temper, don't you?" A smirk played on Claire's lips upon noticing that Leena's face darkened. She had always believed that Leena was just pretending to be a nice person. She wasn't expecting to blow her cover so easily though.

"No, I'm not. I'm afraid that you have read me wrong. Come and join me before the food gets cold again." Leena gave her sister-in-law

b? I bet they won't pay you much for this kind of light work," Her sister-in-law's answer made Claire grimace. Her surprise quickly turned into disapproval as she thought that she would never settle for such a type of job if it paid low.

"Well...the salary is not bad. It is enough to cover my expenses," said Leena casually while grabbing a tissue. She then wiped her mouth elegantly after her meal. Leena couldn't care less about money since she had no lack of it. That was the reason why she didn't mind about how much she was earning from her current job.

"Yeah, I can tell it from your tastes," teased Claire as she cast a glance at Leena's nightgown. The dress was quite tasteless from her point of view, thus, she couldn't help but wonder exactly what was it about Leena that had attracted her brother.

"I've got to go upstairs and change. Wait for me for a while, will you? I will be right back." Turning a deaf ear to Claire's words, Leena rose up and walked away. She knew very well that Claire was challenging her but she said nothing to fight back. She already made peace with it as she understood that being serious with Claire would only drive her crazy.

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