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   Chapter 1083 The Affectionate Moment (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6990

Updated: 2019-02-09 01:02

However, Leena was utterly surprised when she came to the kitchen and found that breakfast was already on the table. It seemed that somebody had already put it there even before she woke up. Leena thought that it must have been Kevin who did it as Claire couldn't have done that.

The food was nothing special and in fact it was just take-outs. Nonetheless, Kevin's thoughtfulness made Leena inexplicably elated. What he did just proved that she had a spot inside his heart. If Kevin started with his work early, then it meant that he had woken up earlier just to get the food ready before she was up. The housing estate they were living in was large and it would take someone a while just to get to the street.

Leena let out a breath and decided to check on her sister-in-law since breakfast was already fixed. She wouldn't want to hear Claire complain about her having breakfast alone. She had to find a way to get along with Claire. Claire might be older by age but it was obvious that Leena was maturer than her in so many senses.

"Claire, are you up?" Leena knocked on the door and listened.

"Come in." At that time, Claire was sitting before the dressing table while putting on her makeup. In all honesty, someone as young as Claire didn't really need to put on much makeup. On the contrary, what she was doing was just covering her natural glow as a youth.

"What are you doing?" Leena asked as she came in and found Claire putting on a shocking red lipstick. The color was hideous and it made her wince.

"Can't you see? Putting on make-up," Claire rolled her eyes and answered in a sullen tone. She was reluctant to leave the house without wearing makeup. Deep down, she wasn't as confident as people thought.

"Are you going out like this?" How Claire looked rendered Leena a bit speechless. It seemed that her sister-in-law still had a lot of things to learn about making her face up.

"Why? Is there a problem?" Claire checked herself in the mirror from different angles and saw nothing wrong. It was even odd for her that Leena asked such a question.

"Yes. It l

ed her head to evade Claire's questioning stare.

"Are you an employee of FX International Group? Is that how you know their CEO?" Claire had spent the whole night learning about the FX International Group. She was surprised to know that the group was the most influential enterprise of the city and that it had expanded into diverse industries. Moreover, what charmed her more to it was the fact that the CEO of that business was a handsome and dignified man. She was instantly enchanted!

"Er... Why do you think so?" Leena didn't know how to respond to that. She had told Claire that she worked in the fashion world. How come she linked her job with FX International Group?

"That's what you said. You said that your work was related to fashion. A lot of FX International Group's properties involve fashion business. If you don't work for FX International Group, how come you know their CEO?" Claire pursed her lips after she nagged the question out. She knew that the jobs in FX International Group were all high-paying. That was an ideal company she could work for.

"Well... I don't know how to explain it to you." There was no other way to describe the situation Leena was suddenly in but the word awkward. Would it be alright to tell her that the charming CEO of FX International Group was her brother's best friend who had treated her like his own sister since she was a child?

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