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   Chapter 1082 The Affectionate Moment (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7704

Updated: 2019-02-09 01:01

"I just got in touch with her some time ago. How come you speak of me and her as if we were old friends?" Kevin frowned in confusion. He would have forgotten about Louisa if she hadn't tricked him to her birthday party that day.

"What? I heard that you used to be lovers, though." Claire was puzzled. Weren't things like what she had been told?

"What lovers? What are you thinking? I just met her a couple of times and that's it." Playfully, Kevin reached out and pushed her on the forehead. He wouldn't have acted so naturally around Louisa If they were really old lovers.

"Really? That's it?" The young lady ended up furrowing her eyebrows. She didn't understand a thing. Why would Louisa lie to her?

"Why Claire? What else should it be? Okay, I am going upstairs to have a shower. I'll leave you alone." Kevin stood up and was ready to leave. He decided not to stay any longer since Claire didn't want to tell him why she was mad anyway. Moreover, he had no interest in talking about Louisa at all.

"Where is the study? I need the computer." A bad mood wasn't enough for Claire to forget her curiosity about the FX International Group. Thus, she decided to surf the Internet and learn about it amidst being low.

"It's upstairs. But you are only allowed to use the desktop. Do not touch my laptop because there are a lot of important work-related files on it." Uneasiness flooded Kevin even with the thought that his computer was password protected. All the files that he was keeping were way too confidential. He couldn't afford an accident in regards to those.

"Okay, okay. I got it. Gee, relax. I am not a spy. Why would I be interested in your files?" said Claire as she jumped off the bed. The lady had this mild case of being simple-minded and she couldn't really keep things inside her head for long. She had to feed her curiosity as soon as possible or else it would just slip her mind.

"I just felt that I need to give you a heads-up just in case you make trouble for me." Kevin knew his sister too well to let his guard down.

"My God, I said I got it. Why are you still nagging? You sound just like Mom." Just like how little girls would, Claire twitched her mouth disapprovingly. Should Kevin really be this overacting? For Pete's sake, he was too cautious!

"I said it

He just got lucky that he found the woman he wanted to spend his life with. Leena couldn't be happier for him.

"I see." A thoughtful smile crossed Kevin's face. His curiosity about Edward grew but he didn't ask any more questions. A well-cultivated man like him knew when to stop.

A sudden silence filled the room as Leena studied Kevin's expression through the mirror of the dressing table. She was wondering why his eyebrows were furrowed. Did the information about Edward disappoint him? Or did it frustrate him? Men were as competitive as women and Leena could see that her husband was not an exception.

Truth be told, Leena didn't know Kevin that well. Proud men like him hated being compared with anybody. They thought that their honor was everything and how one praised them was everything that mattered.

Happy days were usually short. Kevin wasn't around anymore when Leena woke up the next morning. She felt dejected to think that he would have little time for her in the following days.

She wanted to sleep some more but remembering that Claire was in the house pushed her to freshen up and hurry downstairs. Claire was still sleeping. She would definitely make sarcastic remarks if Leena got up later than her.

Kevin and Leena had only been away for a couple of days, but their house was already dusty. Such things were something Leena couldn't live with, so she decided to clean the house while Claire was still asleep. She planned to take her out for breakfast as there was nothing fresh inside the fridge.

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