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   Chapter 1081 Suspicions (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7084

Updated: 2019-02-09 01:00

"Yeah. I just had dinner with Kevin and Leena in the restaurant. What're you doing now? Do you want to go out to have some fun?" Claire said excitedly. While she was speaking to Louisa over the phone, she proudly raised her eyebrow at Leena. She wanted to show that even if they didn't want to go to the bar with her, she could go with someone else.

"Go out? Is Kevin going with us?" Louisa sat up straight upon hearing what Claire said. She was elated when she asked.

"My brother said that he was tired and wanted to go back to sleep, so we'll hang out alone. You have a lot of friends, right? Invite them. The more the merrier." Claire was still angry. Thus, her voice was somewhat low.

"Err… Well, sorry, I can't go out now. Maybe another day." The thought that Kevin didn't go with them killed Louisa's excitement.

"Err… What're you busy with? Didn't you say you had nothing to do usually?" Claire disappointedly asked as Louisa declined her invitation.

"Yeah. But I just came home today, so I can't go out now. Otherwise, my dad will ground me." Louisa said in a no-nonsense tone which made her words believable.

"Fine. I won't force you." Claire's mood could not have been grimmer. She puckered her lips, ready to cry.

"I'm sorry. How about going shopping tomorrow? What do you think?" It was then that Louisa sensed Claire was depressed. She realized that she seemed to have refused her too quickly. She needed her help to win Kevin's heart, so she had to curry favor with her. She tried to please Claire, lest Claire should be angry with her.

"We'll see. Go on with what you're doing. I have to hang up. Bye." Louisa was right. Claire was really angry at her. She quarreled with her mother for her sake back in the capital city. However, she cruelly refused Claire when Claire wanted to show off in front of Leena. Claire felt really down.

"Hello? Claire, Claire, wait… Ah!" Claire hung up the phone before Louisa could say anything. Louisa didn't expect that. She slammed her phone onto the couch. 'Damn! How dare she be angry at me?' she thought. 'I have to ask her for help in the future

em." Claire's equivocal reply aroused Kevin's interest. He was curious about what could trouble his sister who feared nothing and no one.

"Kevin, what do you think of Louisa?" Thinking about the things that Louisa entrusted her, Claire rolled her eyes and suddenly changed the topic. She wanted to take the opportunity to hear her brother out.

"How do I know this? I'm not very familiar with her. You should ask yourself about it. She's your friend, not mine." Truth be told, Kevin didn't know what he thought of Louisa. He didn't pay attention to her at all though he was sure of one thing - he didn't like the way Louisa showed her love.

"Alas. I just asked what you feel about her. Is it really difficult to answer this question?" Claire shook Kevin's hand like a spoiled child. She didn't believe what he said. Louisa and her brother had known each other way back, so they must have come into contact with each other.

"I have no feelings for her. Are you satisfied with this answer?" There wasn't any trace of pleasure on Kevin's lips. The mention of Louisa upset him. He really disliked Louisa.

"Aw, come on! Louisa said you used to get along very well but you had little contact with each other after she went abroad." Claire tilted her head to one side and whispered in confusion. According to Kevin, nothing happened between them, but it was not what Louisa told her. Did Louisa tell a lie?

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