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   Chapter 1080 Suspicions (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6600

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"That's true. I don't know why you girls are obsessed with getting thinner. I'm sure that you'll look ugly if you are as thin as a lath," Kevin replied as he cut the steak. He didn't know what other men thought but he had never liked skinny women.

"Look at your wife. She is also skinny," Claire answered back as she glanced sideways at Leena. The latter looked plump and awkward in her loose clothing during their stay in the capital city. It was only until now that Claire realized Leena's waist was much more slender than hers. This quite depressed her.

"Yeah, you're right. You're too thin, Leena. I have to feed you up a bit." The man glanced at Leena while he spoke. Despite his words, he thought his wife was curvy and perky. The dress exaggerated her wasp waist and enlarged her bosom.

"Huh? I think I'm good." Leena looked down at her body. She might not be what people called "hot" but she had "hour-glass" figure written all over her body. She wasn't as thin as Kevin said.

"You'll look more beautiful if you get fatter," was Kevin's indifferent reply. Leena didn't know whether he meant what he said as it sounded more like a half-meant joke. He even looked serious while staring at her.

"No! It'll be scary." She shuddered just by the thought of herself being fat. She used to suffer from obesity, so she knew how painful it was. She didn't want to fall into the same old trap again.

"See? I'm not alone in this. No woman wants to be obese." For the first time, Claire took Leena's side as they shared the same idea.

"Good to see that you hang together. Hope you can get along with each other afterward." Kevin smiled widely and pushed the plate back to Claire. His eyes glittered with joy. 'What a delightful scene it is, ' he thought.

The meal wasn't enjoyable but the three got on very well with one another. They asked for the bill after they dined and wined to satiety. Claire chuckled to herself because she thought the price on the b

t. It sucks.'

"Maybe another time. I'm tired. I have to report for duty at the army base early tomorrow morning." Kevin agreed with Leena at the beginning but changed his mind after hearing Louisa's name. It was needless to say that he didn't like that annoying woman.

"In this case, let's go back now. We can go some other day when we're free." Leena didn't like Louisa either, so she chimed in with her words.

"Come on! You brought up the idea. How come you don't want to go now? You are liars." Claire pouted as she glared at the two with burning, reproachful eyes.

"Kevin just had a cold. If he says he is tired, he means it. Do you really want to go to the bar? Let's see if we can make it tomorrow night." To disappoint Claire wasn't really Leena's idea right now. Nonetheless, she didn't want to be with Louisa. It would be the worst night of her life if she had to.

"Since you don't want to go, I'll invite Louisa to go with me. I'll call her now." Claire took her phone out and called Louisa.

Leena was relieved. She shrugged helplessly to Kevin to silently tell him that he had to deal with his sister himself.

"Hello, Claire. Did you eat dinner? What's up?" Louisa was leaning against the sofa and painting her fingers with nail polish. She was looking cozy and lazy at the same time.

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