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   Chapter 1079 The War Between The Sisters-In-Law (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6811

Updated: 2019-02-09 00:59

"Okay! But as I said, you can ask me anything if you have any questions." A kind smile broke across Leena's face. Her good upbringing had forged her a forgiving nature. As Kevin's wife, she had more patience for his sister. Life was too long anyway. She wouldn't mind spending some time winning Claire's approval.

"Maybe In the future. I'm not sure that you can give me the answer that I want to know though!" Claire showed her disapproval by curling her lips on Leena. She said each of her words between clenched teeth. She just could not help despising Leena from the bottom of her heart.

"Leena, just leave her alone. Do you want to drink some water?" Kevin had noticed one of Leena's bad habits since they started to live together. She seldom drank water. That was why he kept reminding Leena to drink whenever necessary.

"Okay, thank you, Kevin." Leena covered her uneasiness with a sweet smile. She was honestly worried about how the future would be. Claire's wantonness was beyond her expectation. It wouldn't be easy to get along with her, although she had already prepared herself for it.

For Leena's VIP status, all dishes were served to them very soon. To distinguish Leena's importance, it was even the manager who served the dishes for them in person.

"Mrs. Gu, please have a try of the dishes. Just let me know if they fail you. I'll arrange other dishes for you." Manager Liu stared at Leena with sheer expectation. He was afraid for his recommendation to disappoint his guest.

"All right, I'll take some of them to see if they are as fantastic as you said." Leena cut a slice of meat and put it into her mouth. The juiciness of the dish spread through her tongue immediately. It was so good that it had conquered all her senses.

"How is it?" The manager looked at Leena nervously. He could not tear his gaze from her face as the slightest change in her expression would mean a difference in his career life.

"Wow! This is wonderful. The meat is both fresh and tender. It doesn't taste raw and the vegeta

said Kevin as he helplessly shook his head. It was extremely nice that Leena and his mother were getting along really well. That had saved him a lot of trouble. But it was different with Claire's case. The war between the two sisters-in-law seemed to be inevitable. As a brother, he had to forgive his sister's waywardness and assume the peacemaker role between the two ladies. He smiled bitterly before pushing Leena's plate back to her and then took Claire's.

"A skinny girl is not beautiful. That is what you told to me, Kevin. I still remember it. You see, I have no reason to lose weight. Besides, I only ordered lobster and beefsteak. It will be impossible for me to put on weight just because of them." To be frank, the two dishes were too much for Claire. The only reason why she ordered those was to embarrass Leena. She was dying to see how her sister-in-law would react once she saw the expensive bill. Those were her plans but never would she admit her real purpose to them. She wouldn't want to waste this opportunity of teaching her sister-in-law a lesson or two. She was sure that the bill would be beyond Leena's ability to pay. She would certainly ask for help from her brother. That would be extremely interesting and she just could not help but feel excited about it. She would bet her bottom dollar that Leena would die of shame today.

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