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   Chapter 1078 The War Between The Sisters-In-Law (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6731

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"Mrs. Gu." They were already at the compartment's entrance when a manager came and addressed Leena respectfully. Everybody in the place knew her as she often visited here with Edward.

"Aha, Manager Liu. Is the compartment reserved? Will Edward come here tonight?" Leena asked in a graceful manner with a smiling face.

"The compartment is available. Mr. Mu hasn't been here for a long time. Even his close friends who usually come here with Mr. Mu haven't been around for a while." Manager Liu smiled politely. He would never dare to neglect any of Leena's questions as he knew her relationship with his boss.

"They must have been very busy! I want to use the compartment since it's available." A playful smile cracked Leena's lips as she looked at the manager. Of course, she knew what Edward and his friends were busy about! Edward could not even keep his hands off Daisy for a single moment. Rain was sent to Thailand. Tom took no interest in anything except for his experiments. How could it be possible for them to come here and eat?

"Yes, Mrs. Gu. Please come in." The manager pushed the door open for them as a gesture for them to come in.

"Thank you, Manager Liu!" said Leena pleasantly. She believed in treating everyone nicely. It was impossible for her to put on airs against anybody. It was the reason why she was famous to many people.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Gu. We are promoting some new dishes recently. Would you want to have a try?" Manager Liu guided them to the compartment and made the promotion as soon as they reached their seats.

"Oh! Really? What are the guests' opinions about the new dishes?" Other people's opinion meant a lot to Leena. She had practiced taking ideas from others before trying out new things.

"The new dishes are welcomed by our guests as they are both aristocratic and tasty. Many guests revisited Westin just because of them. Would you want to have a try of those new products, Mrs. Gu?" The manager sounded tentative. He knew how to please his guest

ould it be possible for him to know some commercial elites? Besides, it would cause him some trouble if he was considered to be too close with some businessmen.

"Really? How is it possible?" Claire measured Leena in suspicion. To her surprise, she did spot some changes in Leena's behavior and air. She was a different woman when she was in the capital city. Leena used to be calm and composed. But she looked more lively and bubbly now.

"We come here for dinner, not for interrogation, Claire!" The handsome officer could not help but furrow his eyebrows. Claire's questions were outright silly and her disrespect for his wife had certainly upset him.

"I'm just curious! Is it illegal to ask?" Claire twisted her lips sarcastically as some ideas came to her head. 'Is it possible that Leena isn't as simple as she seems to be?' she secretly asked herself.

"Claire, I can answer all your questions. What are your questions?" Leena butted into the conversation. She had sensed that Kevin already lost his temper with how his sister had been asking offending questions.

"All right. I'm not interested in your affairs. They're none of my business!" was Claire's arrogant reply as she raised her chin. She held no gratitude for Leena. She didn't even care if Leena had saved her from her brother's anger by diverting his attention.

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