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   Chapter 1077 The War Between The Sisters-In-Law (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6482

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"Really?" Claire was doubtful when she stepped into the car. She couldn't believe what Kevin said. Her brother's salary as a military officer was never enough for him to afford a luxurious life. It was still the government that was paying them regardless of how high their positions were. Thus, there was no soldier who had ever become a millionaire due to their limited salaries. So how was it possible for Kevin to purchase such a fancy house and cars? He couldn't afford them! Moreover, he bought those branded clothes and shoes like he just paid them with wasted papers and not money. That was just unbelievable!

"What do you mean, Claire? Do I need to steal and rob just to polish myself?" Kevin glanced at his sister disapprovingly as he fastened his seatbelt. He was silent when he started the engine and slowly drove off.

"Steal and rob? That is just ridiculous! I just felt puzzled, okay?" Claire was excited for her first trip to S City. It was just within a minute when her attention got caught by the scenery that was passing by. It was easy to say that S City was quickly progressing into a very lively area. She could see a lot of buildings and streets that had been constructed. Everything was screaming development and economic advancement in S City. It was like a breath of fresh air to Claire as she had gotten so used to the ancient cultural atmosphere of the city she was from.

On the other hand, Leena stayed quiet the whole time as she didn't want to interfere with the siblings' conversation. The two might have a lot to talk about. She chose not to feed Claire's curiosity about her brother's income even if she knew about it. It was forbidden for military officers to run a business. Kevin had been very clear with that when he told her about it. Leena wouldn't want to leak his secret to anyone, even to his younger sister.

"Leena, do you have any restaurant in mind?" Kevin turned and asked. He needed to k

look. He'd been in the place for a few times but never had he thought that the restaurant actually had such a section.

"Yes! There is a compartment but it is not open to the guests. No worries, I can use it. Just follow me," was Leena's calm reply. She didn't really use the compartment often. Compared to dining alone in a lonely compartment, it was better to dine in the hall where the atmosphere was livelier and warmer. It was just that she had to use the compartment this time as there was no available table outside.

"You sounded like you know the boss of this restaurant, do you?" asked Kevin with a frown. Now he could not help but guess who among Leena's close brothers owned Westin.

"I know him of course! Westin is a property of FX International Group. Do you think I should not know the boss of Westin?" Leena flashed a smile at Kevin and Claire. Little did her sister-in-law know that her specific request just saved her a sum of money. She never paid for anything while dining in Westin.

"Oh! I got it. I never expected that Edward owns this place." Realization finally hit Kevin. Although FX International Group had many assets and branches across the whole country, never had he imagined for it to engage in so many industries as to cover Western food restaurant.

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