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   Chapter 1076 Strike Back (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5619

Updated: 2019-02-08 01:11

"Why should I defend you? As far as I'm concerned, Leena is right," Kevin answered coolly. He pressed the pause button on the elevator's control panel and allowed Claire to come inside.

"I see. You were pretending to be well-behaved and nice to fool Dad and Mom. As soon as you came back to your own house, you just couldn't wait to show your true self," Claire huffed in irritation. She glared at Leena accusingly and in disbelief, not quite registering the fact that the weak and soft Leena had the nerve to stand up to her. She seemed so different.

"I'm sorry, Claire. But you are right. If you are offended, just let it be and don't say another word," Leena retorted sharply. Her response shocked Claire once again and was a huge blow to her ego. Leena smiled sweetly. As Kevin's wife, she was determined to convince Claire, one way or another, to get rid of her bad habits of being wild, self-willed and ungrateful. She had been spoiled by her family since she was born. If Claire didn't change, she was doomed and wouldn't find herself a suitable husband. No matter how kind and tolerant men were these days, they wouldn't accept such an uncontrollable wife.

Kevin zipped up his mouth and decided to let Claire have a taste of her own medicine. Truthfully, he would feel delighted to see it happen.

"I know women can be erratic, but I never thought you were the worst of the lot. I really underestimated you," Claire voiced out in a mocking voice. Her mouth twisted in a contemptuous sneer. She realized suddenly that she had been fooled by Leena. She had tried desperately to uncover Leena's true side, but had failed to do so. There is an old saying that goes, '

r asked their parents for money. He was old enough to be earning quite enough on his own.

"Sis, what are you thinking about? I won't do anything that violates the law and order. Dad would surely skin me alive," Kevin said, struck at her words. He hit Claire's head softly, annoyed that his sister would consider him to be a dirty soldier. Kevin was a man of strict moral principles. He would never allow himself to smear his reputation and ruin his own career.

"In that case, how did you get so much money? Did you get it from Mom?" Claire massaged her head. Although Kevin hadn't hit her too hard, she didn't like him doing it.

"I'm a grown man and won't ask Mom for money. Please set your mind at rest. I'm earning money legally. There's no way that I will be court martialled." Kevin opened the car door, ushering Leena into the passenger seat. He wouldn't be out of money even if he was denied his income from the bar. After all, he rendered outstanding services every year, and was awarded with a great deal of money and rewards. Of course, all this was restrictive. He wasn't as rich as Leena's brothers.

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