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   Chapter 1075 Strike Back (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5991

Updated: 2019-02-08 01:11

"Claire, I am warning you once again. I hope you can enjoy a good time with Leena in the city. Otherwise, be sure that I will send you back home. Besides, Leena's family is a lot more well-known than you think. She just doesn't want to be thought of as one of those rich girls from powerful families. She chose to keep a low profile and endure your insults again and again. I am supposed to respect her wishes and so I didn't intervene. But now that you have decided to stay here, you'll discover many more secrets about her. By then, I'm sure you'll regret everything you have done to Leena," Kevin said sternly.

Kevin had kept the knowledge of Leena's wealthy family from Claire since Leena wished to keep the secret to herself and he had to respect her wish. Rich as she was, Leena was also independent and open-minded, and she knew what was right for herself. So Kevin had decided not to make any decisions on her behalf.

"What secrets? Are you talking about me?" Leena asked loudly, suddenly arriving at the scene. She walked downstairs. She had heard part of Kevin's conversation with Claire, and couldn't help but be curious about what they were discussing.

"It's your guess," Kevin answered, smiling. He looked over Leena up and down. Apparently, his wife had finally decided to be herself again, instead of pretending to be someone else in front of his family. She must have been tired of being discreet and mature. Today, she looked like the lovely princess she actually was.

"What? Are you actually Leena? Or just some fucking imposter?" Claire shouted in disbelief. She was shocked to see Leena in the fashionable clothes. How could this woman, as beautiful as a supermodel, be the same girl she had come to know in Capital City, whom Claire considered to be ordinary, ol

ont of her, Claire couldn't refrain herself any longer and grew angry. She knew she was the subject of their conversation.

"Why should we care about your feelings? You're too old to be looked after by others. You're a grown-up, you should learn how to do things on your own," Leena said. She was highly amused at the expression on Claire's face. She finally had the opportunity to get her revenge and reprimand Claire. Claire had been so arrogant in Capital City. Leena had to swallow her anger and do what she was ordered. It was different now. This was her city and Leena would be the one giving Claire orders. Nobody dared to use Leena as a punching bag. Not her parents, not her brothers. However, Claire had an exaggerated opinion of her abilities and had forced her to kneel and surrender. It was time to strike back.

"Kevin, why are you standing there and doing nothing? Didn't you hear what she just said to me?" Claire yelled hysterically. She finally caught up to them as they reached the elevator. Claire didn't want to be left behind or be considered a pathetic clown. As Kevin's only sister, she had the natural right to be loved and looked after by her brother, didn't she?

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