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   Chapter 1072 Be Confident (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7284

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"I am advising you to desist from this insane idea before you start looking. In case you become the butt of someone's joke." Kevin didn't mean to look down upon his own sister. He thought Claire aimed too high, and it would get hard for her to find her footing in such a highly competitive society.

"I'm not that bad. It doesn't matter. I have talent in management and I studied that abroad," Claire said, pouting. She displayed strong objection to her brother's remarks.

"Come on. You? Talent? I bet you got your diploma after wasting away years at college," Kevin made this conclusion based on his sister's playful personality.

"How would that be possible? I entered college because of my efforts. Sure, it was not a well-known college, but, generally speaking, I spent my years there just like any other regular student," Claire replied, frowning. That entrance exam was one eternal scar for her! Especially since the major she had chosen was a high-end one.

"Like you said, you just spent your years there. I doubt if you learnt anything useful," Kevin said. He never considered his sister to be great in studies, since her scores at school never went beyond 80. It was obvious that she was lazy at studying.

Leena didn't make any comment on their bickering and just smiled breezily. She was aware of Claire's dissatisfaction with her. Leena wasn't so stupid that she'd intervene in this argument. It was wise to protect herself from something that unfavorable.

"Wow! Brother, this is a fabulous house! What a great design! It's really classy. You must have spent a lot of money and energy on it!" Claire praised. She was stunned by the interiors of Kevin's house as she walked in. When they had left for S City, Claire had assumed that she would live at the army base upon arriving here. But to her surprise, she was to live in this glorious apartment. She didn't want to leave here ever from this moment onward.

"Is it so fabulous? I don't think so!" Kevin said, looking around. He then realized that Claire was speaking the truth. He admitted that Leena had made some changes in this house. She had bought some fancy furniture for him.

"You bet. All

ll early for dinner, so I'd better use this time to drive out and buy some groceries.' With this thought, she trotted upstairs. Her bags had all been carried up there by Kevin. Besides, she needed to fetch her car keys too. Lee took her Audi Pikes Peak Quattro to drive Louisa home. Leena guessed her car wouldn't be back for a while.

"Nana, is everything arranged for Claire?" Kevin asked when he saw Leena come in. He was busy unpacking their luggage. Leena halted in her footsteps when she heard the nickname on Kevin's lips. Why was he suddenly calling her that? He used to call her by her name before, like everyone else.

"Um! Yes. There is no food in the refrigerator, so I'm going out to buy some groceries," Leena said. She had no intention of asking him to go with her. After all, she wasn't some fragile little princess in this house. She had gotten used to this kind of life. Kevin wasn't home often, so she had learnt to do a lot of things on her own.

"Don't bother. We'll go out for dinner later. All of us are very tired after the day-long trip, so don't exert yourself." Kevin stopped her with his hand on her arm. Although he was only responsible for eating, he didn't want his wife to exhaust herself by cooking for them.

"We're going out for dinner? That's not a bad idea. Fine. It's on me tonight." Leena accepted Kevin's suggestion with pleasure. She was really tired, and she didn't really feel like cooking for dinner.

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