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   Chapter 1071 Back To S City (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6757

Updated: 2019-02-08 00:26

"No need to pretend to care about me. You are so fake! Besides, Mom prepared this bottle of water especially for Kevin. If she gets to know that I drink all of it, she would be so angry with me." There was a trace of jealousy in Claire's words. Anyone could tell that she was bothered by Leena, because she was the only one being asked and cared about by Kevin.

"Claire, don't forget what you promised me when I let you go to S City with us." Kevin's tone was cold. If it had not been for Leena, who had pleaded on Claire's behalf, he would not have let Claire come to S City with them and interrupt their perfect married life. Now that he had promised to let Claire stay, she should also keep her word and be nice to Leena.

"Fine! I'll just have to keep my mouth shut. Are you satisfied now?" Claire glared at Leena with annoyance, as if it was her fault. Well, her brother couldn't be beside her all day long to take Leena's side! Claire could wait. She could think of lots of ways to make Leena's life miserable while she was in S City.

Leena didn't understand what she had done to make Claire so furious with her. She thought that Claire was thirsty, so she gave her some water to drink, that was all. Why would she think Leena was being fake in pretending to care about her? It seemed to Leena that she should be the one keeping her mouth shut on this journey back to S City. She would just have to talk less, otherwise she would cause more trouble.

Sitting on the other end of the backseat, Louisa was happy to see this exchange. The corner of Louisa's lips lifted as she glanced at Leena, her eyes dripping with mockery and disdain. She pretended to comfort Claire.

"Claire, come on. No need to get upset over such a small thing, right?" Louisa patted Claire's shoulder and said in a sickly sweet voice, pretending to be considerate and understanding in front of Kevin.

It didn't go as she hoped for. Kevin's eyebrows furrowed. He was unhappy about what Louisa said, but he kept his mouth shut and didn

e good time alone with Leena.

"Well, I have you, my dear brother. Won't you help out your loving sister?" Claire tilted her head and looked at Kevin with her eyebrows raised. She was sure that he would help her.

"Are you sure the jobs I find will be suitable for you?" Kevin looked her up and down, and helplessly shook his head. He didn't think he could help his sister find an appropriate job here.

"As long as it's a respectable job with a high salary, and there is enough freedom to work anytime, I would be satisfied." Claire wasn't even joking. She was serious about her conditions. She thought it would be easy to find such a job.

"You really must be dreaming. There is no such job like you just described. No company will ever hire you if you demand all that." Kevin let out a deep sigh. If he were an employer, he would never hire an employee with demands like those, unless she was extremely talented. But unfortunately, his sister was everything but talented.

"Kevin, don't lower my confidence like that! I haven't even started looking, for God's sake, and here you are, already pouring cold water on me." Claire was unhappy about her brother's words. She didn't think that her conditions for a job were so impossible to meet. According to her, a job with a high salary and the liberty to work any time was just standard.

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