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   Chapter 1070 Back To S City (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6301

Updated: 2019-02-08 00:16

When Leena woke up, it was almost noon. When she opened her eyes, she was not prepared for the blinding sunlight coming through the window. She didn't expect the weather to be so pleasant today, since it had been raining last night.

Turning to her side, she reached out to touch Kevin's forehead. It still felt a bit warm, but was much better than last night, when he was burning hot. Fortunately, it appeared that he would get better soon.

Leena got out of bed quietly and walked over to the bathroom to freshen up. After that she went downstairs, wanting to make some porridge for Kevin. She knew he would be hungry when he woke up. However, much to her surprise, she didn't have to worry on that matter. Shannon had already asked Maud to cook some porridge for her son, and it was still warm in the pot.

"Leena, eat some snacks. You must be hungry. Lunch will be ready in a minute." Shannon looked at Leena's tired face and felt sorry for her. She must have stayed up late looking after Kevin, or she would not have been this tired after a morning's sleep. She truly was a good wife and daughter-in-law.

"I don't need snacks. Thank you, Mom. I will wait for lunch. I was about to cook some porridge for Kevin but since you already did that, I will go and see if he is awake or not. He should come downstairs and eat something before taking his medicine." Leena smiled gently at her mother-in-law. She didn't want to eat first, although she was indeed hungry. Leena was still worried for Kevin and wanted to make sure he was well.

"All right, lunch is almost ready. Go ahead." Shannon smiled back at her daughter-in-law, her eyes full of appreciation. She was happy that Leena was so considerate and cared so much about her son.

Kevin had woken up the moment Leena left the room. Although he was still quite tired, he did not feel as weak as he had been this morning. He

fully recovered yet." Leena frowned. She did not want to drink the warm water Kevin's mother had specifically prepared for him.

"That's all right. There's plenty of water. I see that your lips are chapped. You must need it. Just drink some!" Kevin almost begged her. He could tell how lonely Leena felt on this journey, since the two women who sat beside her didn't talk to her unless it was to mock her. There were a lot of people in this car, and he was sitting in the front, so it was not a good time to say something reassuring to her even though he so badly wanted to.

"Her lips are not chapped. Kevin, you are being unfair! Why don't you ask Louisa and me to drink the water too?" Claire pursed her lips. She was being childish again. She really did not like seeing her brother getting affectionate with Leena. In her opinion, Leena didn't deserve her brother at all. She hoped Leena would leave her brother soon, so Claire could help Louisa get Kevin.

"Claire, are you thirsty? Here, have some water." Upon hearing Claire's words, Leena immediately handed the bottle of water to her. She was not angry at her. After all, she had spent some days with Claire, and was used to her sarcasm. Leena was still her usual kind and considerate self.

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