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   Chapter 1067 Are You Hungry (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6385

Updated: 2019-02-07 00:40

"You look very scary." Pouting, Leena slowly moved toward him. He looked quite intimidating and she didn't want to cause any unnecessary trouble for herself. Besides, he was the patient here. For the sake of his speedy recovery, she shouldn't upset him. Right now, it would be wise to do what he asked for.

"What are you afraid of? Rest assured, I will leave you alone. Even if you want some aggressive cuddling, I am afraid I don't have enough strength at the moment!" Her nervousness had him laughing out of nowhere. 'She is so adorable, ' he thought. The anxious look on her pretty face triggered something deep in his heart. No matter how hard he tried, he could no longer put on a straight face with her.

"Stop it! I didn't mean that at all! Kevin Gu, you are so exasperating!" Leena threw him an offended look, abruptly turning her head away. All men were such pigs! Seriously, why was he thinking about sex all the time?

"So what did you mean exactly? Kiddo, I didn't say anything. You are the one having inappropriate thoughts here." With these words, he leaned over and circled his strong arms around her. The moment he touched her, she trembled. The feeling was mutual for him. He was shocked to find that she was so cold. Her soft body was chilly. Apparently, she didn't sleep well last night. The thought that she didn't rest well because she was looking after him upset Kevin. He felt eaten up by the mixed feelings inside of him.

"Your implication was obvious. You led me into thinking about it." Leena released a soft sigh. She didn't push him away, instead, she leaned back and rested her head comfortably on his muscular chest. She couldn't deny the fact that she enjoyed getting hugged by him.

"All right, all right. It is all my fault. Now close your eyes and get some sleep." Kevin patted her back gently, tucking her in the quilt. He treated her like she was the most precious thi

ng for her family. Knowing that her son was no longer in danger, she did not feel as desperate as she did several hours ago. It must have been a totally different woman who scolded Nathan so unreservedly last night!

"Who are you talking about? Mom, are you talking about me behind my back again? I am not sleeping late today!" Claire stood on the stairs and looked at them, her face wearing a frown. She looked good as usual. Apparently she had a good sleep. Kevin's illness made no difference to her life whatsoever. On a sunny day like today, she looked as fresh as a daisy.

"Wow, you shocked us! What's going on, how come you are up so early today? We all know that your big soft bed is your best buddy in the entire world! Didn't you say that yourself? The weather is actually quite agreeable today. You must be planning to go somewhere, my sweet little lazy cat?" Shannon teased her daughter lovingly. She was kind of curious about what Claire was planning to do today.

"Mom, stop it. Why do you tease me all the time? It is not my fault that I enjoy a good sleep! Dad, did you listen to what Mom said just now?" Claire felt embarrassed at herself. She put her face into her hands and dashed into Nathan's chest. Claire hugged him around his neck and giggled.

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