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   Chapter 1066 Are You Hungry (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6111

Updated: 2019-02-07 00:38

"Why are you apologizing to me like that? I know you didn't mean to cause me trouble on purpose. To be honest with you, I should be the one saying sorry here. You are sick because of me. It was my fault that you got in trouble. You were punished for my sake and ended up with a nasty fever. I owe you a lot. You should not be sorry to me at all." Leena lowered her head. She was deeply upset, and could not blame herself any harder for causing Kevin the unnecessary hassle. So she decided to face him, her expression determined. The way she spilled her heart out was very mature of her. Her eyes reflected sadness and helplessness that indicated she had already seen a lot of hardship in her short life.

"Honey, please don't say that. This was clearly an issue between me and my father. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. Just come over and join me in the bed. It is much warmer here. You should have taken your nap here, right here beside me. Your hands are so cold. Are you shivering?" Fervently, Kevin caught her hands and put them around his lips. He blew hot air to them, trying his best to warm her up. His intimate behavior caused her to blush instantly.

"One moment." Leena smiled, pulling her hands back. She looked up at him and said,"Dr. Pei told me to give you your medicine as soon as you wake up. I need to get it for you. I will be right back." Leena walked over to the other side of the room and took out the medicine. One by one, she carefully counted the pills out according to the doctor's prescription. 'There should be no mistake in the dose, ' Leena thought. She double checked the pills before handing them to Kevin along with a glass of water.

"Who are you talking about? Dr. Pei?" Kevin's eyebrows furrowed slightly. He was not quite sure who this Dr. Pei was and what he apparently prescribe

ush with her hands and yelped. The embarrassment was overwhelming. She bit her lip. It never occurred to her that a serious man like Kevin could actually imply something that was so bold and shameless.

"How dare you." She scolded him, softly uttering her embarrassment from between her teeth. Now that she knew his intent, there was no way she would voluntarily come to bed with him.

"Well, do you want me to get you here myself?" Kevin looked determined as he lowered his voice. His eyes were so solemn that for a moment, she blanked out. He meant business. He really wanted her by his side so he could warm her up.

"Fine! I will sleep next to you." Leena pouted and climbed onto the bed. She didn't lie right next to him. Instead, she carefully chose a spot opposite him on the edge, which she believed to be safe enough. Leena pulled over the quilt to cover herself up.

"Come over here. Don't test my patience." Kevin frowned when he saw her weird behavior. It made him realize that she didn't want to be close to him. He just had a small cold, that was it. Why was she avoiding him like he had some kind of plague? 'Is she deliberately keeping distance from me to annoy me?' Kevin thought unpleasantly.

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