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   Chapter 1065 Are You Hungry (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6096

Updated: 2019-02-07 00:39

"OK. I need to take his temperature later anyway." Dr. Pei hesitated for a second before taking Shannon's advice. However, before he left the room, he gave Leena several tips for precaution, so she could take better care of the patient.

Leena watched them walk out of the bedroom and cast a glance at Kevin. She gently tucked his quilt for him. Sitting by his bed in silence, she fondly gazed at his handsome face. For a moment, she was lost in her own thoughts.

He looked so peaceful. She was happy that she got to have a moment with him, just by herself. Leena's eyes flitted across his face, attracted to his flawless eyebrows. They were thick but well-trimmed. Her lips curled up as she looked at him. She could feel her heart beat getting faster and faster. 'He looks so manly with those eyebrows, ' Leena thought. 'Manlier than any other man I have ever seen in my life.'

Uncontrollably drawn to him, she extended her hand, her fingers gently touching the corner of his lips. The heat she felt on her skin was sensational. A brilliant smile cracked across her face. Leena sighed softly as her heart overflowed with warmth and tenderness. Kevin was an awe-inspiring soldier, she knew that. But right now, as she saw him harmlessly lying on the bed, she realized she enjoyed getting to know the other side of this tough man.

'What a foolish man, ' she thought. 'He thought he could boast about his health and body? Look at him now, he is lying on bed helplessly because he's ill. God, he really worried me." Leena shook her head, trying to get all the negativity out of her mind. She was quite relieved that he no longer had a fever. Otherwise, she wouldn't have a clue what to do.

When Kevin slowly came to his senses, it was already dawn. The room was silent. He could only see the dazzling lights on the cei

d my eyes, this beautiful angel was resting right by me, as if she was guarding me.' He felt touched. Kevin was sure that this was the kind of moment every man on earth longed for.

Leena opened her eyes slowly and looked up. "Hey, you." She smiled at him when she found him awake, her voice betraying her enthusiasm as she gazed at him affectionately. Leena was delighted to find that he looked much better.

"Kevin, you are finally awake! How do you feel now? Do you feel any pain?" With earnest words, she reached out to him. Her soft hand touched his forehead, carefully assessing his body temperature. Dr. Pei had advised her to check his fever constantly. She took his advise and had been paying attention to his temperature all night. Leena was nervous about his illness and hadn't closed her own eyes for a single minute. It was only around dawn, when she couldn't deal with her drowsiness any longer that she fell asleep right next to him.

"I am sorry that I caused you to suffer. Apparently, I overestimated myself." Kevin tried to give her a soothing smile to calm her nerves. However, he failed to do so and his smile turned bitter. For a moment, he found it awkward to even look her in the eyes.

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