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   Chapter 1064 Kevin Caught A Fever (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5770

Updated: 2019-02-07 00:26

"It's late, Leena. What's going on?" Shannon opened the door and was surprised to see Leena standing outside.

"Sorry to interrupt you, Mom. Kevin is having a severe fever. I don't know where the medical kit is." Leena finished her words hastily with her hands rubbing anxiously.

"What? He got a fever? You can go and take care of him. I'll ask your Dad to call the doctor from the army. We'll be there soon." For a while it seemed like being anxious was communicable and Shannon caught it too. She already said it earlier! Her son might be strong but it wasn't a guarantee that his body could take a long run under that freezing rain. It was Nathan who didn't listen to her and now Kevin was sick!

"Yes! I see. Then I'm going back now." Her mother-in-law's words rendered Leena a little relief. It was nice to know that she wasn't alone as she faced the ordeal.

"Go! Don't worry. The doctor is not far away from here. He'll be here soon," Shannon comforted her and just as she said, the doctor did come shortly after. Leena was a bit surprised to see the doctor arrive in such a short time. It was indeed true that every man in the army was quick to respond.

"How's he doing? Is he alright, Dr. Pei?" Shannon asked anxiously after the doctor finished checking on Kevin.

"Don't worry! Major General is not that bad. He just caught a cold. I'll have him on an intravenous drip and get him some pills. He should be fine with these." Dr. Pei was not a young man but it was evident that he talked to Shannon in a respectful tone. She was his superior's wife after all.

"Tsk! Such a weakling. It's just some rain. How did he catch a cold?" Nathan could not help murmuring despite the relief that flooded him. He was

t with their family affair.

"Oh! Thank you so much," Leena said in a grateful tone. She reached out to touch Kevin's forehead. He was still hot but his condition was way better than before.

"You are welcome. I'll get him some medicine. He can take some after he wakes up." A mild smile appeared on Dr. Pei's face before he got busy with his medical kit.

"Yes! I see," was Leena's reply. It was only then that she finally managed to smile sweetly since Kevin got sick. She looked extremely happy and delightful.

"Okay. I've noted the way and time of taking the medicine. Just follow it. I'll wait until he finishes the drip." Dr. Pei handed the medicine over to Leena and emphasized the way to take the medicine. He was afraid that she might ignore the note.

"Since everything's all good, let's have a cup of tea downstairs, Dr. Pei. It's going to take some time for the drip." Shannon smiled and invited Dr. Pei enthusiastically. It was undeniable that the woman was a part of Nathan's success. He partially owed his high position to her as she had always been a wife who could deal with various people and supported him from behind.

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