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   Chapter 1063 Kevin Caught A Fever (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5928

Updated: 2019-02-07 00:16

"OK, OK! You got me." Kevin twisted the corners of his mouth heavily. She had been acting matured the past few days and he almost forgot her real age. He had been too comfortable thinking that she could do everything without him needing to worry. Bad, it was just now that he realized he was wrong.

"What? Does it taste bad?" Leena took a tentative look at the empty bowl then shot Kevin with a questioning glare. If it really tasted terrible, how could he drain the bowl without even pausing for breath? It did not make sense at all!

"Didn't you taste it?" Kevin put his coat on and wondered, 'Isn't she supposed to taste whatever she's cooking?'

"No, I didn't. Did I put too much sugar in it?" was Leena's puzzled reply. She just put a small amount of sugar. The soup shouldn't be that sweet.

"I should have left some for you." Kevin said adoringly and shook his head. She might have anticipated this thing unconsciously and skipped tasting it. Lucky her! She just spared herself from drinking a terrible soup.

"Is it really that bad?" The lady cocked her head innocently. She could just imagine how the soup tasted like based on how Kevin looked.

"What do you think? You put two big pieces of ginger? How much soup were you cooking? Were you looking forward to making enough to fill our bathtub or just our casserole?" The man gave her a side glance in a defiant manner. He aimed to make her understand what was wrong when he suddenly sneezed twice. Shoot! It seemed that he did catch a cold.

"Uh! Well! I thought the more I put, the better. Isn't it?" It was then that Leena decided to use her most powerful weapon and flash her sweet smile at him. It was so effective that Kevin was instantly caught on a phase where he couldn't rebuke her anymore.

ty now and I can't just call Tom to come here." She didn't think of asking help from her parents-in-law and automatically thought of Tom who was far away. He was honestly the first person that came into her mind. They had known each other for years and he had always cared for her as their doctor.

She never had any experience in taking care of someone sick. She was panicking and was in a complete mess. She ran to the bathroom, took a wet towel to make a cold compress, then carefully placed it on Kevin's forehead. She knew she needed to lower his temperature.

It was to her depression though that her attempt didn't work and Kevin started convulsing in a minute. It made her run downstairs in a hurry without even wrapping herself with her coat. Her palm was beginning to get cold due to how anxious she was.

Leena did not have the time to be polite anymore as she was in an emergency case. She stood at their parents' room and knocked on the door continuously. It was their place and they were more familiar with it if they needed to find a doctor for Kevin. She didn't care anymore if her actions were rude. She would wake them up no matter what as Kevin needed help.

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