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   Chapter 1062 Kevin Caught A Fever (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5939

Updated: 2019-02-06 01:31

"Oh no! You're so cold! I have to raise the temperature a bit more." Leena was shocked by how cold his skin felt when she touched his face. She immediately decided to increase the temperature and run to the bathroom in haste.

"Nana, it's okay. I'll take a shower. Wait for me." Kevin's voice trembled as he spoke. It was just now that he could feel how freezing the rain really was. It was biting on his bones painfully, though it never had been when he was still running.

"Yes. I'll go downstairs to get the soup for you. You should have some to make you warm. Take your clothes off quickly before you get sick." Leena said those words in a hurry after giving the man a quick glance. She had to spit her words as fast as she could since she was already at the verge of crying.

"Be careful, okay? Don't get burned by the soup." Kevin managed to remind her amidst his shaking. He remembered how badly her hand was scalded one time she was cooking. He couldn't afford to have her brothers be angry and glower at him again.

"Yes, I got it. Now take a shower!" The lady said as she rushed out of the room. She couldn't help but frown when she encountered the tiny puddles Kevin left on the stairs as they slowed her a bit.

Meanwhile, a smile cracked on Kevin's lips while watching Leena's back. It was then that he felt the chills striking him again and he sneezed. He quickly went to the bathroom and wondered if he already caught a cold.

The warm water that hit his body made him feel a bit better. It somehow kept him from freezing even more. Perhaps it really was a challenge to run under the rain in such harsh weather.

Leena grabbed a mop and started mopping the stairs. They would be the ones to be blamed if someone got hurt due to the puddles Kevin left. I

t even mind being completely naked before Leena as he believed that it was necessary for her to feel comfortable with his bareness.

"Oh! Yes, the soup! Umh... It's there. Have it," replied Leena. She walked to the desk and took the soup. Then she walked back to Kevin and carefully handed it to him.

Kevin still got his naughty grin when he took the soup from Leena. He gave it a sip and found that it was not as hot as he had imagined. Seconds more and he was already chugging it down. The soup was all good until he choked and ended up coughing. It was much thicker than the normal ginger soup and was extremely spicy.

"Did you put lots of ginger in it?" Kevin opened his mouth and breathed heavily. He didn't see that level of spiciness coming at all. He was almost between tears and laughter as he looked at Leena who was standing next to him with her chin up. What did she want? Praise or a pat on the back?

"I didn't put much! I just put two big pieces. I was even afraid that the soup was not hot enough." Leena sniffed and wrinkled her brows. She had been thinking about it and even considered adding more ginger. There was nothing but pure innocence on her face.

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