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   Chapter 1061 It's All My Fault (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7267

Updated: 2019-02-06 01:29

Kevin kept running against the rain with his head down. He didn't even notice Leena approaching and had no idea that she was crying for him.

Kevin's father was very strict with him. He had set high expectations for him. Kevin had always been in a loop of having to drive himself harder and excel. It seemed to Kevin that they never really bonded as father and son. The way they got along with each other was more like him as the subordinate and his dad as his superior.

Leena didn't get too close as she was afraid that he would see her tears. She was peering through the rain from a distance. The running figure made her lost in her thoughts. She had never been through any physical punishment like this. She grew up being loved, pampered, and indulged by the people around her.

Kevin had a chance to raise his head and saw Leena standing there watching. A sudden warmth ran through him. He felt as if something held his heart tenderly. He had a soft side despite being a tough soldier. This kind of silent company reminded him of the friendship he had with brothers in the army.

"Nana, what are you doing here? It is raining, be careful not to get wet." Kevin ran quickly up to Lenna, his clothes dripping. His white shirt was soaked and clung tightly to his body, showcasing his muscled torso.

Leena froze and wasn't able to digest everything he said. She was utterly shocked. It was the first time that he called her Nana, a nickname which sounded a little too intimate.

"What is wrong? Are you cold?" Kevin worriedly reached out to check her body temperature. However, he realized how wet he was and his hand stopped mid-air.

"I'm fine. How much longer do you have to run?" Leena tipped the umbrella over him in an attempt to protect him from the rain. It was then that she noticed that his lips were blue and trembling. That was it! Her eyes went back to welling up again.

"Until I can't run anymore. You should go back inside." Kevin wiped the rain from his face. He pushed the umbrella back to her. He was drenched already and he didn't want her to get wet as well.

"But it seems like you can't run anymore. Can you stop? Let's get back together

in, take your wet clothes off. Wrap up in the blanket." The sight of her son like this made Shannon's eyes sting. She would make it a point to have a discussion with Nathan tonight.

"Mom, I am fine. Where is Leena? Is she all right?" The worry for Leena made him completely forget drying himself. He feared that she might get soaked by the rain.

"Ah. She said that she would have a bath ready for you. Get yourself wrapped and take a bath first. That will make you feel better." His mother draped the blanket over his shoulders. It didn't seem to help much, nevertheless, it helped absorb some water from his clothes.

"Okay. I am going upstairs." Kevin didn't refuse his mother's care. He pulled the blanket around him and went upstairs. His steps were leaving puddles on the floor.

Leena was about to check if Kevin had come back. Much to her surprise, she walked straight into him outside the door.

"Kevin, you ran for so long. I had to heat the soup again and again!" Leena's eyes lit up upon seeing Kevin. It didn't take long though before she puckered her lips and reprimanded him. It had been almost an hour since she got back.

"Don't be mad, silly. I am already back." Kevin forced out a smile, completely being tired and worn out. His father didn't even pin down the exact miles and just easily pushed him to the limit. His father really knew how to punish people and God knew that the old man was doing a good job with it.

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