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   Chapter 1060 It's All My Fault (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7865

Updated: 2019-02-06 01:18

"Dad." Kevin hesitated before he spoke. He gave his father a questioning look as he wasn't sure if his father would insist on punishing him.

"I can see that you have found her. How about the words you gave me yesterday? You made a promise and you have to keep it." Nathan stared back to his son with a stern look. He believed that soldiers should always keep their words.

"Yes, I know," answered Kevin. He didn't even try to avoid what was before him. He was a man, not to mention, a man who had handled tremendous duties and responsibilities. He wouldn't allow himself to cave in like a coward, even though the heavy rain would make the punishment even crueler.

Leena baffled as she watched them. She could sense that topic had something to do with her even if she couldn't understand what they were talking about. Slowly she began to feel uneasy.

"What? Have you completely lost your mind? It's pouring outside! Don't you know how cold it is out there? Are you sure you want our son to run outside under that rain?" Shannon was the first to protest. Over the years she got used to watching her son take running as a punishment. Nonetheless, they were never under heavy rains like this.

"What kind of Major General is he if he just quits whenever the going gets tough? Soldiers don't back down even in the hail of gunfire. I see no reason this light drizzle should be an excuse for him not to obey orders!" Nathan snapped. He didn't ask for too much. He didn't even order Kevin to climb a mountain. A soldier could be sent into action anytime no matter how the weather was, rain or no rain.

"This is our home! This is not the army! If you want someone to take orders from you, please go back to the army base." Shannon also raised her voice. She was determined to defend Kevin. His father might not care much about him but she was still his mother.

"Mom, it is fine. I would do it even if father didn't mention it. A soldier should always mean what he says." Kevin gave her mother a reassuring smile. Like what his father had said, the weather was no excuse. He and the other soldiers had gone through even harsher training in worse weathers. A soldier was still a soldier even when he was home.

"But the rain is so heavy and it is really cold outside. What if you catch a cold?" Shannon hesitated. Being a soldier's wife made her ful

was always friendly and smiling at her. Therefore, this side of Nathan frightened her a little.

"He is as tough as nails! The rain is hardly a hiccup to him. Let's go. Tell me about your father. I have not met him for so many years." Nathan sighed when he thought of Commander Ye, his comrade from his days in the army. The years had passed by too quickly and he missed his old friends more than ever.

"Okay. Uncle, I never knew that you and my father are brothers-in-arms." Louisa followed Nathan to the study. As she passed by Leena, Louisa raised her chin and intentionally bumped her with her shoulder aside. She looked triumphant when Leena lost her balance and stumbled back two steps to steady herself.

Leena thought that Nathan did have a warm side, it was just unfortunate though that the warmth was not for her. She gave herself a wry smile and then looked around the room. Her eyes fell on an umbrella. The heavy rain made her uneasy as she was worried about Kevin. Thus, she decided to check him out.

The wind was still strong but the rain seemed to ease up a little. The cold wind swirled around her, carrying the rain with it. Her clothes were getting damp and she shivered when the rain touched her tender cheeks.

It wasn't that long when a running figure came into her view. She unconsciously flinched. She never knew how bad it was until she saw him. The image was heartbreaking and automatically made her eyes red. It was as though she could feel him and was experiencing the same pain from how the wind and rain kept beating him down.

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