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   Chapter 1059 Could You Place The Ring On My Finger (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5740

Updated: 2019-02-06 01:12

"Okay." His stare was full of concern. She might appear not to care but Kevin knew better. He might not be as generous as her if he was the one in her shoes. Who would like their partner to have somebody else in his mind given that they were just standing side by side?

"It looks like it's gonna rain. Let's go home." Shannon looked up the sky and frowned as soon as they gave her the tea. They didn't bring umbrellas with them, therefore, it would be better for them to go home as soon as possible.

"Oh, no! Do we have to go home so soon? I haven't bought anything yet." That was an automatic complaint from Claire. She couldn't just come here without doing anything, right? She had no plan of going home this soon and was very unhappy. She was already upset when Shannon proposed to buy tea. Now, she felt more disappointed when her mother already bought it and then quickly suggested going back home. That was completely unacceptable. She felt like she and Louisa were just decorations the whole time. They didn't even get to do anything from the start to the end.

"Didn't I tell you before? You can hang around yourselves. The main reason why I came out today is to fetch the rings. I bring Leena and Kevin with me to see if the rings fit. It was you who insisted on following us. I didn't force you to do so." Shannon annoyedly explained. It was not a good time to hang out. It was going to rain. Moreover, it was about dinner time. It might be alright for the younger people to hang out but not for her. She was a housewife and had a lot of things to do. Maud was at home, but Shannon got used to preparing meals for her family by herself. It was the only way she rewarded herself and got her utmost happine

y were already in the car when it happened or else they would all look like drenched rats. It was to everybody's surprise that Nathan was already home when they came home. The aged man frowned upon seeing them enter the house together. His face even went notches darker when he saw Leena. He had never expected that she would run away from home.

"Dad!" Leena screamed her surprise. She was caught off guard. She wasn't even ready to face him at all.

"Hmm," was all Nathan said. He still responded although he was displeased with her yesterday. Shannon had been nagging him to be nice to Leena last night. He wouldn't want to suffer another night like that.

"Why did you come home so early today?" It was Shannon who shot him a warning look. She had reprimanded him to be careful with his words. She knew that he didn't care about offending Leena but she cared. She liked Leena very much.

"I went out to handle some affairs and went home directly after I was finished." Nathan received the signal from Shannon. As much as he wanted to say a lot of things to Leena, his only choice was to shut his mouth and save his words for later.

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