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   Chapter 1058 Could You Place The Ring On My Finger (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5490

Updated: 2019-02-06 00:59

They walked towards the tea shop on the north street. Shannon led the way while Kevin and Leena followed behind leisurely, hand in hand. He was aware that Claire and Louisa were glaring at them from his back. Nonetheless, he didn't care. He enjoyed showing everyone his affection for Leena.

Louisa could have run to break Kevin's and Leena's hands off from each other if she could. The shining rings around their fingers were such a mockery to her. She was almost at the verge of breaking down. However, as much as she was pissed off, there was really nothing that she could do but to stare at them in pure anger.

"Louisa, are you really okay? You're hurting me." Claire felt a little scared upon turning to her friend. She had no clue as to why Louisa gripped her hand so hard.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about something. Are you okay?" Louisa hurriedly released her grip. She didn't mean to unwittingly clench Claire's hand and hurt her. It was just that her emotions went out of control.

"I'm fine. Louisa, do you really love Kevin that much? Was that why you got so angry with seeing them sweet with each other?" Claire looked at Louisa thoughtfully. Regardless of how much she wanted to help, if Kevin didn't love her then there would be nothing she could do. It would be impossible to threaten Kevin with a knife and tie him forcefully to Louisa anyway.

"I don't know. The only thing I can feel is how he completely occupies my mind. Do you think I am ill, Claire?" Louisa said in a low voice as she didn't want anyone to overhear them.

"No worries! I will not let it happen, Louisa." It was very easy to influence

think otherwise and Leena was no exception. Her eyes darkened upon hearing Daisy's name but she soon smiled with relief. Daisy was her model and she was willing to learn things from her. Therefore, it was just normal for her to be praised by others as she herself couldn't stop doing it too.

"Yes! Sis Daisy is an excellent woman. She's so good that sometimes I feel humbled by her excellence," she said with a gentle smile. It was rare for her to admire anyone thus, Daisy was really special. Her personality towards love and career had simply won Leena over.

"Leena..." Kevin suddenly frowned upon realizing that he did something wrong. It could have been okay for him to mention Daisy if Leena didn't know anything about his past feelings for her. The problem though was that Leena knew everything. Therefore, he felt guilty of speaking too highly of her.

"I'm okay. Let's go. Mom seems to have bought the tea." Leena chose to smile and stay silent regardless of how miserable she felt. She had already accepted the fact that staying with Kevin meant being hurt every now and then.

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