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   Chapter 1057 Could You Place The Ring On My Finger (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5496

Updated: 2019-02-06 00:26

"What do you think? Do you like it?" Shannon asked excitedly as she was unaware of the overflowing emotions between the couple. She had no idea that they got married out of impulse and not because they were in love. How could anyone even think that they were not in love back then when all their actions screamed nothing but affection for each other now? It really never came to Shannon that there were other reasons for them to marry other than love.

"Yes, it's very beautiful," Leena said with a sweet smile. The sudden blush on her face made her look both more gentle and exceptionally beautiful. She was beaming with so much happiness and it had nothing to do with the ring at all. It was all because of the man who had put the ring on her, it was Kevin!

"Of course, it's very beautiful. Don't you see how much they are selling the rings here?" Claire interrupted in a harsh tone. She meant to find faults on every word Leena said. Moreover, it was a fact that it was her mother who purchased the rings at such an outrageous price.

"Could you place the ring on my finger?" Kevin offered his hand to Leena and gave her an expecting gaze.

"Okay ..." Leena lifted her head and met his intense gaze. She was instantly flustered and almost dropped the ring Shannon handed her. It took her a second to regain her composure and finally move shakily to put the ring on his ring finger. Alas! Relief flooded her upon seeing how the ring stayed firmly on its place. Unexplainable as it seemed but at that very moment, she felt like Kevin had willingly locked his heart with hers.

"You guys are giving me goosebumps! Are you going to kiss e

rolled her eyes. She didn't even have the intention to bring them in the first place. They just followed her and gave her no choice about it.

"Louisa, do you want to go with them?" Claire pouted with a sullen face. Should she have known that her mother came out mainly just to take the rings, she definitely would have just stayed at home. It was disappointing that she didn't get any benefits from all this. On the contrary, she even had to tolerate Leena's happiness and gracious smile. What she did was nothing but a wrong decision!

"Okay, let's go with them." Louisa still managed to nod even after she lost her enthusiasm. There was no doubt that she was making a big fool out of herself. She could have stayed at home and avoided all this but it was her who stubbornly chose to follow them.

That reaction made Shannon shoot Louisa a cautious stare. It seemed that she needed to find some time and remind her son to avoid this woman. She could see the strong desire from Louisa's eyes and it would be better for Kevin to be careful. She could almost imagine Louisa trapping Kevin.

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