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   Chapter 1054 A Pair Of Rings (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6068

Updated: 2019-02-05 01:49

"Mom, maybe we could just bring them with us. I think the car is big enough to accommodate us all," Leena suggested. As she said it, she surprised everyone, even herself. No one expected Leena to be the first and only one on Claire's side in this situation, and to speak on her behalf, especially considering how badly Claire had treated and hurt her yesterday. It indicated how kind and generous Leena was. She never held animosity against anyone for long. She was kind and it was great generosity on her part to help her sister-in-law out.

"Okay, then. Claire, since your sister-in-law has agreed to bring you with us, I'll take you this time. But it is just this time, no more exceptions from next time. You better keep your mouth shut during the whole time, and don't spout any more of this nonsense!" Shannon relented finally. She sighed slightly to herself, however. She didn't know what to do about Claire anymore. If she really wanted to come with them, then fine, let her come. Even though she disliked Claire's behavior and her aggressive attitude, she was her daughter after all, her family. She couldn't exclude her again and again. Leena had spoken for her, and if she didn't mind her coming, it would be fine. But Shannon had compromised once again for her daughter. She felt like she was never going to be able to teach Claire a real lesson.

"Yes, Mom. I got you. Thank you so much!" Claire replied in excitement. As soon as Claire won Shannon's approval, she let go of Kevin's arm immediately. She turned around and hugged her mother tightly and gave her a big kiss on the cheek for good measure. After all the fighting for her rights, she was finally going out with them. However, while she was grateful to her mother, Claire completely forgot about Leena's help. To be more precise, Claire prete

in's question directly. As she entered the jewelry store, Shannon walked directly over to the rings counter, which bewildered the young lot even more. They didn't know why she was acting so strangely today.

"I didn't mean that, Mom. It's just that I thought you were quite opposed to jewels, weren't you?" Kevin asked, frowning a little. According to him, his mother had never been like the other officials' wives. Even though her husband was a high ranking official, she herself never acted like she was the wife of one. While other ladies put on a lot of luxurious jewels, she always kept a low profile and only wore simple accessories. Shannon hardly looked like a real official's wife in that aspect, but she never went unnoticed by others. She had all the virtues that the wife of one so highly ranked should have: she was easy-going, kind-hearted, well-mannered, composed, and dignified. When Shannon stood beside the jewel covered ladies, she stood out, and always exuded a different elegance as compared to them. After all, jewelry could only modify a person's appearance, not improve their temperament. Her innate well-being shone out and could easily overshadow those pretty but superficial faces.

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