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   Chapter 1053 A Pair Of Rings (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6351

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"Claire, stop it! Enough is enough. This is complete nonsense. Do I need your permission to decide who can go out with me now?" Shannon interrupted severely, her tone shifting in an instant. She couldn't stand such an unruly daughter sometimes. Claire's reckless and childish words were becoming vexing and irritated her. She must have spoiled her daughter too much, so Claire just kept disobeying her fearlessly, even defiantly. She wasn't listening to anything her mother said. How could a daughter not be afraid of her mother at all? On the other hand, if it was only Claire going with them, Shannon could still accept that. But she knew that if she gave the green signal to Claire, Louisa would come with them too. That would be most unacceptable to her. Shannon didn't want that in the least. What she had hoped for today was a warm, harmonious outing with her loving family. She wanted to go out to shop and spend time with them. She would get along with everyone, but Louisa was an exception due to her dirty conspiracies and motives.

"That's not what I meant. Anyway, I don't care what the reason is. I just want to go with you," Claire insisted, firm in her decision. She had always been like this, asking for whatever she wanted, especially with her mother - who had always been nice to her and would compromise in the end. That didn't seem to be the case today. Since Claire was so used to getting everything she requested from Shannon, she was not planning on giving up this time either. Even though she could sense the displeasure in Shannon's tone, she wouldn't be stopped by it. She pretended as if she didn't notice Shannon's anger and insisted on her wish again - the only outcome she would accept was that they let her go with them.

"What happened?" Kevin asked, arriving at the scene. He sensed the impasse between his mother and his sister. He had gone outside to get the car ou

d be so negligent to her existence that she wouldn't even give her a chance to go with them. Shannon knew she would go with Claire. Since she had completely shut out Claire's request, it meant that she indirectly refused her from going too.

"Come on, brother. My dear brother! Please say something in my defense to Mom. Ask her to let me come, pleaseee..." Claire begged, dragging out the word. She deliberately made herself sound like a desperate little girl, who was asking for her brother's help. At the same time, she grabbed his arm and swung it back and forth. She tried to make him recall the early memories of when they were toddlers, when she had been his delicate but lovable baby sister whom he strove to protect. As she looked directly into Kevin's deep eyes, the tears in Claire's own eyes fell. She would cry if he didn't speak for her, in vivid contrast to her previous, arrogant attitude. When Kevin saw the deplorable expression on Claire's face, he was unable to maintain his dangerous, strict countenance any longer. A brother could never be this cruel and relentless to his sister. He decided he would help Claire out just one more time. Just as he was about to say something to their mother on behalf of Claire, his kind wife said it for him.

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