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   Chapter 1052 A Pair Of Rings (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5828

Updated: 2019-02-05 00:55

"You two are going out too?" Leena asked casually but also politely, not noticing their intense gazes on her, not to mention the deep-set hostility and envy in their eyes. Although she was not getting along well with them at the moment, they weren't strangers to her either. They all knew each other, so Leena remembered to be well-mannered. She always treated people with basic politeness, no matter who they were or how much she disliked them. Besides, it would be too inappropriate to completely ignore them and walk by, since they had seen each other already. Otherwise, they would accuse her of pretending not to see them and avoiding them. It was not something she wanted right now.

"So what if we are? Are you afraid that we are going to follow and keep an eye on you?" Claire snapped. She was so jealous of Leena, especially her simple but elegant dressing and makeup. The hostility Claire held for her couldn't be kept buried anymore. Her anger brought upon by Louisa earlier finally found an outlet. Claire's suspicions were out in the open. Looking at Leena now, she felt it was useless to dress herself up and put on the heavy makeup with so much care, as they only made her look stupid. She looked more like a countrywoman than Leena did. Leena didn't need all that to be the brightest star among everyone, or to overshadow Claire and Louisa easily. When standing beside her, the both of them blended into the unnoticed background like green leaves, and it only highlighted Leena as the most salient and beautiful flower.

"Sorry? Keep an eye on me? But why? Keep an eye on me for what?" Leena asked, confused about Claire's reply. She didn't understand why they suddenly decided to go with her. Leena couldn't read the thoughts c

herself. Like Claire had said, she was her daughter, so of course Shannon cared for her. But if Claire behaved more lady-like, instead of this wild, uneducated girl she was right now, Shannon would be much relieved. At the very least, she wouldn't need to worry whenever she went out with Claire, about getting accused of being a mother who gave birth to a daughter but couldn't teach or educate her well enough.

"What about my brother and her? You would need them there? This is so unfair!" Claire retorted. Shannon's refusal goaded Claire and made her feel even worse. Normally, Shannon didn't reject her requests so profusely and directly. Today, the situation was different and quite frankly, abnormal. Claire felt that her mother didn't know Leena's true nature, and things might seriously go wrong if Claire was forced to stay at home. Claire didn't realize that even if she went out with them, she couldn't change anything either. But since she couldn't figure out what else to do about Leena, she felt it necessary to keep her tabs on her. The curiosity got the better of her. The less Shannon wanted to bring her with them, the more she wished to go.

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